“Some people never learn when it comes to Apple,” Chris Ciaccia writes for TheStreet. “”

“A Reuters report about Apple’s supply chain scrambling to get screens ready because of the need to redesign a component is all well and good, but it’s highly unlikely that the scrambling will lead to a delay in the release of the iPhone because of the complexity of Apple’s supply chain,” Ciaccia writes. “This is a point CEO Timothy D. Cook has made before, as he has questioned reading too much into a single data point.”

“Reuters said that while there may have been a setback to get the new screens ready for the upcoming iPhone, which may be dubbed the iPhone Air, the output is now “back on track and suppliers are working flat-out to make up for lost time,'” Ciaccia writes. “Essentially, this makes this story a non-event, and something Apple investors have already dismissed, judging by share price reaction.”

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MacDailyNews Take: When it comes to Apple, mid-late August is the height of silly season.

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