Your iPhone may soon show you a picture of your destination before you arrive

“Apple wants your iOS device to show you a picture of your destination before you arrive,” Dennis Sellers reports for Apple Daily Report.

“The company has filed for a patent (number 20140236468) with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office for ‘customizing destination images while reaching toward a desired task,'” Sellers reports. “Apple says that, in navigation, you can input a particular destination into a navigation application, and obtain turn-by-turn directions to a particular destination. In some instances, when you arrive at the destination, you may not know what the destination looks like.”

Sellers reports, “Apple wants to provide methods and devices that provide for easier navigation to a particular destination that may be unknown to a user for a better user-experience.”

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  1. I find that while GPS technology gets me close to my destination the vast majority of the time, it often fails to find the exact location on the street. Sometimes it is off by several blocks. This needs to be solved first.

    Years ago, I used a phone GPS that gave me a pic of my destination. Can’t remember which app, but its been done before.

    1. And it isn’t always the fault of the GPS – my place of business always shows up on maps about two blocks west of its actual location, and sometimes on the wrong side of the street, or in the middle. As much as I don’t like Google, it is where most people will be looking for me, so I have corrected it with them numerous times, but to no avail. 🙁

  2. I can see the iPhone used as a tour guide for any city…..stand in front of a famous statue or building and hear and see all the interesting facts about same. Use iBeacon inside a museum to guide one from room to room. All we need is a more accurate GPS system.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong, but when you us Google Maps’ built-in navigation feature, when you arrive at your destination, it shows you the “Street View” image of the location. For the past four years that I’d been using Google Maps for navigation, it has almost always done exactly that, and the image on my phone screen looked pretty much like my surroundings at the end of that trip.

    Can someone explain exactly how is this supposed to be different?

  4. Duh ?

    It’s called Street View.

    Type in post code look at street view and familiarize yourself with what you are heading towards before you even start. It’s been around for years – hardly a revolution to put the view at the end of your turn by turn directions – or at least it wouldnt be if Apple still played nice with Google. But as they dont, its just that one extra task on the iPad/iPhone before you leave.

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