Apple’s new 4.7- and 5.5-inch iPhones could beat already lofty expectations

“Apple’s iPhone 6 launch could be even bigger than Wall Street’s already high expectations, RBC Capital Markets analyst Amit Daryanani said in a research note Monday,” Patrick Seitz reports for Investor’s Business Daily. “”

“Apple is expected to unveil its eighth-generation smartphone at a media event on Sept. 9. The new handset is seen coming in models with display sizes of 4.7 and 5.5 inches, compared with the current iPhone 5 family’s 4-inch screen,” Seitz reports. “The larger version of the new handset could be called the iPhone 6L, according to the website 9to5Mac.”

“Apple could end up selling more than 75 million iPhone 6 units in the September and December quarters, Daryanani adds. If that happens, Apple’s earnings per share in the December quarter could be 10% higher than current estimates, he says,” Seitz reports. “Under this scenario, Apple would sell 15 million iPhone 6 units in the September quarter and 60 million in the December quarter.”

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  1. They could also meet expectations, or fall short. Those possibilities merit two additional articles, complete with volume estimates, between now and September 9.

    1. It won’t matter if they meet or exceed or even vastly exceed initial shipment estimates.

      Apple has made significant increases in first week shipments for every iPhone model. The financial community’s reaction has always been that it was never good enough.

      Break all time records? Not good enough.

      The standard, knee jerk reaction will still be….
      Write many, many articles about how the launch was disappointing.
      Talk the stock down.
      Talk about all the short comings of the new iPhone(s).
      Claim consumers can get the equivalent phone for a fraction of the cost.
      Claim Apple’s cost to build them is unreasonably high and Apple’s gross margins will plummet.

      And so it goes… (to borrow from Linda Ellerbee)

  2. Ooh but what does the L stand for that surely deserves a contentious article or 5 in its own right. If its ‘Large’ then wow what a stroke of imaginative genius at work there… or it’s just unimaginative guesswork by the author of course.

  3. When analysts predict good things for a fan boys beloved company then the fan boys suck up to them like a baby on its mothers tit. But when a analyst predicts bad things for their beloved company then fan boys bemoan the analysts and point out how rubbish the analyst are.

    So Wall Street likes the new iPhone 6 and the fan boy is happy, but for how long, how long till Wall Street posts a bad Apple review and sets the fan boy on attack.

    1. that’s simply not true.

      Apple fans just want analysts to be accurate.

      Actually an apple fan like myself dislike analysts who are TOO optimistic because very often they are working for stock manipulators. When their claims are so high and apple fails to meet them then they claim “DOOM” and let their shorts pay off. Apple has NEVER missed it’s own estimates for years and their earning have been growing but the stock tanked a couple years ago because it missed ANALYSTS estimates by about 50 million (out of billions earned).

      there has been investor chatter recently about ‘shorting’ apple stock as they claim apple will never meet analysts estimates for the new phones, pushing estimates UP makes sure this happens.

      (shadowself above has a good take on it)

      1. Actually my statement hit the nail on the head regarding fan boys and analysts. If they post a good review then fan boys (Not just Apple fans but every company fan boy) kiss the analysts butts. But if there is a bad review then the fan boys go on the attack.

  4. Looks like they are setting the stage so Apple sales have no possibility of matching “anal-yst” predictions. Take with grain of salt.
    Be ready for all the failure articles after the first week of sales.
    Repeat next year and the year after that and…

  5. Last year was 12 million.. This year will be close to15 opening weekend. The great android migration of 2014 is about to begin…

    Honestly. They’ll sell every one they make. So it depends on what ends up shipping

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