Apple wins Emmy for ‘Misunderstood’ ad

“Apples’ 2013 Holiday season television commercial ‘Misunderstood’ has won a Creative Arts Emmy Award for most ‘outstanding commercial’ in 2014,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac.

“The award was announced on the Emmy’s winners list last night, and the Creative Arts Emmy Awards are presented for ‘guest performers on television dramas and comedy series, as well as the many talented artists and craftspeople behind the scenes to create television excellence,'” Gurman reports. “The main, televised Emmy Awards ceremony takes place on August 25th.”

Gurman reports, “Apple’s winning advertisement was produced by longtime advertising and marketing partner Media Arts Lab of TBWA in Los Angeles, California. Over the past few months, Apple has been reducing its reliance on Media Arts Lab and has bolstered its in-house marketing efforts.”

Read more in the full article here.

“The spot, created by TBWA\Media Arts Lab and directed by Lance Acord of Park Pictures, shows a teen at Christmas who seems anti-socially glued to his iPhone, though it turns out it’s for heartwarming reasons,” Tim Nudd reports for Adweek. “It beat out four other nominees for the prize. Two of them were Super Bowl ads by Anomaly for Budweiser — ‘Hero’s Welcome’ and ‘Puppy Love.’ The other two were BBDO’s ‘Childlike Imagination’ for GE and Wieden + Kennedy’s ‘Possibilities’ for Nike.”

See the other four spots in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Congrats TBWA\MEDIA ARTS LAB and Apple!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Lynn Weiler” and “TheloniousMac” for the heads up.]

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    1. Agreed, I had to defend the ad over and over. My wife could not get past that the young man did not spend all of his time having fun with the family and could not get past the he was taking the time to give everyone in the family the opportunity of seeing what they may have missed and how the day was one to remember forever. It was his gift to them and Apple helped to make it happen.

    2. And not a device was shown. Just a bunch of Americans I don’t know. This ad fails because:

      -It is too American. Not everyone celebrates Christmas. Apple is an international brand.
      -It is cheesy.
      -It’s not effective in that it’s like watching a video of someone’s family on Facebook: we see this stuff all the time.

      Apple keeps running people focused ads and they suck. I’m not seeing them as good.

      1. Fair enough. I agree that Apple should mix up their ad campaign a bit. In the end, the key factors are:

        1) Does the ad result in people remembering Apple and Apple products in a positive light?

        2) Does the ad result in increased sales

      2. Yes, Apple missed opportunities to feature Dutch clog-wearing skaters happily texting as they glide on a frozen Zuyder Zee, Cossacks dancing with hobnails on a floor of iPhones to prove their toughness, movie scenes showing Tom Cruise and Bradley Cooper looking cool talking on their iPhones, and best of all, a chrysalid autopsy cut scene from XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

        I sent in those suggestions but Apple never listens.

      3. You lost me at ‘too American’. It’s impossible to be ‘too American’.

        If anything, it’s NOT ENOUGH American. Apple is American. American is global SWAG. You can taste it. Deal with it..

      4. Umm roughly 35-40% of the planet (an est 2 billion peeps) celebrate Christmas in some fashion–both non-Christian & Christian. Tons more people identify with it than don’t–especially in the U.S.. So chill with your overzealous secular butt-hurt. Maybe Santa will bring you some soothing butt creme..

      5. I don’t know about the misunderstood ad BUT Apple like most companies run different ads in different countries.

        Even the Mac PC guy ads in Japan had a japanese take and Japanese actors.

        one long Japanese commercial had Jony Ive featured prominently though… hey the Japanese are smart and they recognize genius… ! 🙂

  1. I loved this ad.

    I personally find it a dangerously subversive little piece of art. It was clearly designed by someone with finely tuned sensibilities similar to my own, obviously using their power for evil, seeking to push the forsaken and deeply dispirited over the edge at Christmas. Someday I will step through this frame by frame and I have no doubt images of a .45 and a bottle of vodka will flash by.
    Well done Apple.

    1. Are you obliquely referring to the frowning responses to this ad when it first came out? By codgers with less appreciation than yours for the offbeat, less empathy for the outsider, less subtlety than a lead pipe? If so, nicely turned.

  2. I like how Apple ads are going, like this one and the ‘What will your verse be’ ad of how iPhone/iPad with iOS can be of use. Remember Droid commercial labeling iPhone as a “Princess” phone whereas there’s is a ‘scud missile strapped to a racehorse fast’ line as if technical geek specs were what was going to determine the winner.

    Hey Droid, that is so 90’s!

  3. Each and every time the add came on, people in the room would stop and watch it. Each time my wife along with others would have to wipe the tears from their eyes.

    Say what you want about showing products but I’ll take the emotional sell every time. Others like Coke and Budweiser do the same thing.

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