Steve Ballmer officially becomes owner of NBA’s Los Angeles Clippers

“Steve Ballmer finally has an NBA outlet for his rah-rah displays of emotion as the new owner of the Los Angeles Clippers,” Beth Harris reports for The Associated Press. “The former Microsoft CEO’s record $2 billion purchase of the team was confirmed by a Los Angeles judge on Tuesday, clearing the way for the avid pickup basketball player to take over the team from Donald Sterling, who unsuccessfully fought his estranged wife over the sale.”

“‘We’re a family that likes basketball,’ he told The Associated Press in a phone interview,” Harris reports. “Ballmer, who lives in the Seattle area, said he hopes to attend a lot of Clippers games next season. He said interim CEO Dick Parsons has agreed to stay on for the time being. ‘That gives me a chance to figure this all out,’ he said.”

MacDailyNews Take: Ooh, wait’ll Balmy “figures it all out!”

“‘Really excited — in a pretty hardcore way — to continue the path to making the Clippers a better and better basketball team, and a better and better citizen of the Los Angeles community,’ Ballmer told the AP,” Harris reports. “Shelly Sterling lamented losing the team, but Ballmer gifted her with the title of ‘owner emeritus.’ She will receive two floor seats, 10 other seats and parking at Staples Center for games. ‘I am confident that Steve will bring the city a championship team in the very near future,’ she said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Ballmer has already changed the team’s logo:

LA Clippers - Steve Ballmer



  1. “Develop!!! Ooops…Players!!! Players!!! Players!!! Pick and Pop! Low Post! Dipstick, I mean Dipsy Do…” As he runs up and down the court, sweating profusely from his armpits.

  2. I can just imagine player negotiations now.

    Player – What? One of the worlds richest men can’t afford to pay me what i’m worth?!?!?

    Negotiator – But, he’s throwing in a free Surface . . . er . . . RT

  3. Love them or hate them, it is nice to see another American born MSFT former executive spend their money in the US. Paul Allen has done a great job with the Seahawks. Maybe, Cook can bring an NFL team to L.A.?

  4. Really excited — in a pretty hardcore way

    ‘I rebuke you spirit of Ballmer. I command to go directly to Yeshua, without manifestation and without harm to the Clippers or anyone, so that He can dispose of you according to His Holy Will.’

  5. The MDN logo is fantastic.

    If a logo was fashioned around Balmy, consider the LIPPERS. Glistening tongue wagging out of mouth with a basketball piercing dead center … 😉

            1. I think you win, because nobody else seems to know that old Italian song—but they’re all over Taylor Swift, though, with her ‘Love Story’ hit. Funny, though; the story of Romeo and Juliet is even older.

              When youngsters think the old is new, I flash back to “As tears go by”

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