Apple now prominently advertising Beats Music to new iOS device users

“Apple has prominently featured its own suite of free apps when iOS users first open the App Store, such as its iLife and iWork apps, for a while,” Benjamin Mayo reports for 9to5Mac. “Now that Beats Music and Beats Electronics are officially part of the family, the Beats Music app is now appearing on this ‘Apple Apps’ list as well. Beats Music is currently the last entry in the list, described as a way to ‘listen to music that’s always right for you.'”

“Tapping ‘Download All’ will install Beats Music alongside Apple’s other apps. Naturally, one way for Apple to significantly increase adoption of the service is to advertise it to every new iOS user,” Mayo reports. “The view will show up for new iOS devices or by performing a clean restore to a version of iOS 7, on both iPhone and iPad.”

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    1. You aren’t the target market anyway. Apple bought Beats to broaden their appeal. Doing so is going to be more necessary now that Apple is going into wearables with the iWatch and potentially other products down the line. It is going to be less about arguing with Android and Microsoft fans over 64 bit processing and enterprise security and more about being hip, cool or whatever. To put it another way … Nike won the sneaker wars in the 1980s/1990s because they hired Michael Jordan as an endorser and Spike Lee to direct the commercials (which were, er, a lot better than his actual movies). So making a better watch than LG and Motorola (for example) is not going to be enough, and neither will be the Apple brand itself. Apple realizes this, which is why they got the Beats team (and apparently Kobe Bryant as an early tester) on board before launching their wearables line.

  1. I tried it a few days ago. It even works (latest version) on my iOS 6 iPhone 3GS, which is NOT typical for a “real” Apple app. 🙂

    I think it’s pretty cool, and after some simple questions about my music preferences (using an interface with “interactive floating balls”), it really did provide me right away with a playlist that I enjoyed. Better than Pandora or iTunes Radio.

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