With iPhoto and Aperture being replaced, you should check out Photo +

“With iPhoto and Aperture being phased out in place of a new Photos app in Mac OS X Yosemite, it’s time to take another look at ArcSoft Photo +,” Dennis Sellers writes for Apple Daily Report. “It’s like iPhoto on steroids. They both handle most of the same tasks, but the new app is a bit beefier and faster. Plus, it’s only US$9.99 at the Mac App Store.”

“Photo+ operates faster than iPhoto on my iMac, even when browsing hundreds of photos,” Sellers writes. “The ArcSoft app has a variety of useful editing tools. One of the coolest is its ability to ‘intelligently’ rotate portrait-oriented photos during the import process. In other words, it rotates your vertical photos automatically on import without you having to manually change the orientation one by one.”

Sellers writes, “That’s a great feature — one perhaps worth Photo +’s ridiculously low price — especially when you have thousands of photos.”

Much more in the full review here.


  1. Software become bloated when it becomes a haven for utilities that may be best left to stand alone programs.

    iPhoto would be much better if it were to focus on just a few things, rather than anything you can do with an image.

    Hopefully, its replacement under Yosemite might alleviate this bloat with the proper use of Extensions.

    1. Could you explain you position?
      I’ve never seen an advantage to moving thing between apps to perform different tasks, the whole roundtripping process can take as much time as you save by streamlining the app. I especially never understood the argument in regards to iTunes, still love the all purpose aspect of that app.

  2. Apple may be “discontinuing” Aperture. But that doesn’t mean it stopped working. Why would I pay (even) $10 for something that doesn’t do as much as a program I already own? The fact that Aperture won’t receive updates doesn’t make it useless all of a sudden.

  3. You have got to be kidding. ArcSoft software is subpar and nothing I want on my Mac. Their design and interface reflect the fact they are primarily a Windows based software house, Mac is an afterthought and it shows. Why would ANYONE pay $10 for what Apple is going to give you for free? MDN must have got a kickback to post this suggestion.

  4. Well, I just downloaded the 15 day free trial and could find no way to import my pictures from iPhoto without dragging and dropping each photo or group of photos. So this won’t work for me.

  5. Photos will be better than iPhoto and probably, for most things, at least as good as Aperture, and seamlessly use my old libraries (>150,000 versions in total). Why the hell would I risk messing around with them in the meantime with a 3rd party app?

  6. Whether I ever agree with you or not, your use of the word “morons” is a symptom of everything that’s wrong on the internet, in politics, and this country’s culture today. Crude, and, dare I say it- moronic.

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