No, China has not ‘banned Apple products from government purchases’

The following is a translation of a Chinese language report via Caixin:

Today, some media outlets reported that the Chinese government procurement list excludes Apple’s iPad, iPad Mini, MacBook Air, and other Apple products.

Some of the erroneous reports quoted an unnamed official as saying that due to security issues, the Chinese government had 10 models of Apple products removed from the procurement list, saying also that the Chinese government does not intend to buy Apple iPhone 6.

Those reports are incorrect. On March 28th, the Ministry of Finance, Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the 16th semi-annual energy-saving products in government procurement notification list, Apple failed to enter the Chinese government’s shopping list, but the Chinese government has not banned the purchase Apple products, Apple simply failed to proved the necessary information for inclusion into the energy-saving products in government procurement list, industry insiders said.

As to why Apple failed to qualify for the procurement list, the authorities are investigating. According to the aforementioned industry sources, any vendor wishing to be included on this list, should submit relevant materials according to the process, such as energy-saving product certification, undertaking, etc. There looks to have been a failure or miscommunication with the required documentation from Apple.

Currently, with Apple not on this list, as long as Chinese government procurement has no special energy-saving requirements, they can seek to purchase Apple products, but Apple must, of course, follow the principles of fair bidding, the source said.

Apple’s failure to be included on this list is not for security reasons, as some erroneous reports have suggested, since the Chinese government would reject all foreign brands if this were the case. However, Apple, Acer, and Dell are foreign brands, but they all appear in this energy-saving products in government procurement list.

Full article in Chinese here and machine translation to English here.

MacDailyNews Take: FUD.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “pridon328” for the heads up.]


  1. So, will the talking heads on TV retract their BANNER BREAKING NEWS FUD? Not until the maximum amount of damage is done to Apple’s stock. They still need to pick up a few more cheep share this month.

    1. yes, but remember, so can we !

      personally i think this is a good time to buy in again, my hunch – and that it is all it is – is that all those great new items in the product pipeline that tim has been touting for some long time, are actually about to start arriving in fairly short order.

      unless the macro-economy takes another swan dive, which is always possible, apple should be climbing back up the value ladder.

  2. What! The main stream media did not do the appropriate research and got a story completely wrong. How can this be? I’m totally shocked!

    I guess the only stories they ever get correct are those about the Kardashians and sports. Of course, those are the only things most Americans care about anyway.

    1. Bloomberg posted the original FUD story last night. Shortly there after Apple was trading at -$.80 in the pre market. Apple goes Ex Div tomorrow. So we get a $.47 markdown at the open.

  3. The totalitarian government of china has behaved in exactly the same way as they did in 1949 and every year thereafter.

    Slave labor is slave labor. the best capitalists turned out o be the ones labeled “Communist”.


      1. Yes, sir. You are correct. We were taught in school that state sponsored capitalism for the good of the state was to be labeled fascist. Government behavior towards its own citizens somehow got mixed up in all this. While you all want cheap phones, the economic parallel to China could possibly have been Nazi Germany cranking out products for its war machine.

    1. This October 1, China will celebrate the 66th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.

      I should remember that date. Just a few months earlier my dad got word that his entire family had been executed by the communists.

      My brother and I feel real lucky that we were born in a democratic country. However, as young boys at the time, racism was the rule of the day. Considering that my mother was Jewish, it was even worse.

      But then we didn’t have to go through as much turmoil that our black friends did or even still have to in this day and age. Imagine it took the 100 years to give Black Americans the right to vote and another 100 was needed to pass a law enforcing it. Now many states are passing new laws to basically impede the second law. Go figure.

      As a learned, mixed race individual, and fortunate to have experienced much of North and even South America, as well as Europe, and more recently China, I really have to challenge anyone that thinks that curtailing the rights of any of their citizens to vote and to subject them to a perpetual state of ‘minimum wage’ if any, is any better than the those of arcane conditions that still perpetuate in other lands.

      I would also suggest that China still has a way to go to achieve a ‘land of opportunity, but not as far as some folks in America that are trying to push many of their countrymen away from.

  4. I am truly surprised how many sites are running with the false story. I’m seeing articles like this one and hearing about this all over the place.

    I’d expect it from the anti Apple sites.
    I’m not surprised by many of the main stream media sites that only regurgitate what other main stream sites print most without bothering to check any facts at all.
    What surprises me are sites that purport to be delivering accurate news about the “tech” industry. A few are even not changing their false story even when posters set them straight with quotes from actual Chinese sites (e.g., Apple products are still listed on various Chinese Government sites as viable purchases).

    1. As of about an hour ago CNBC was still reporting the bans. What is next? Will they continue reporting the 64-bit is a marketing gimmick? How about the rumor the iPhone 6 won’t be released until October? Next, they will tell us the new iPhone is made out of chocolate. Get your golden ticket boys and girls because the Wonka Phone is only available for one lucky winner.

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