Apple’s 4.7-inch iPhone 6 may feature 2100 mAh battery

“About a month ago the first alleged details regarding the iPhone 6′s battery have emerged, and as some of you might know, these characteristics failed to impress,” Mihai Matei reports for G 4 Games. “More so, a previously leaked picture further strengthened the idea that the 4.7-inch model’s battery will have a modest capacity of 1,810 mAh. The good news however, is that according to a new rumor, the 4.7-inch model might actually pack a beefier 2,100 mAh unit instead.”

“Earlier this week, Sung Chang Xu (news chief analyst at ESM-China and the same source who previously said that the iPhone 6 might feature a slew of sensors) has reopened the topic of the iPhone 6′s battery by suggesting that, according to her supply-chain sources, the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 might actually sport a larger 2,100 mAh battery as opposed to a 1,810 mAh unit,” Matei reports. “Reportedly, the 1,810 mAh battery we’ve seen in the aforementioned leaked picture is as real as it can be, but according to Sung Chang Xu’s sources, these units have been used solely for testing purposes. As such, the final product could be launched with a meatier 2,100 mAh unit under the hood.”

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    1. Those might not be, but video-capture apps sure as hell are.

      Just tried one (FiLMiC Pro) for about 15 minutes on my iPhone 5, trying different settings, wasn’t even recording, battery dropped 25%.

  1. As I asked in a previous related article, why are these people so obsessed with the new iPhone’s battery? Apple will select a battery that meets the design requirements and expectations for battery life. If a “2100 mAh” battery is what’s needed, that’s what the new iPhone will have. Apple is NOT going to put a battery in the new iPhone that is (by design) not adequate.

    So, whatever the actual capacity, it will meet design requirements and expectations for battery life. No “battery obsession” required.

    1. Obviously, enough customers feel Apple’s (past/recent) design requirements for iPhone battery life did not meet their own expectations.

      Given the rumours that the new iPhone will have larger screen (which uses more power) *but* still thinner than the current iPhone, leads to concern that Apple is focusing on weight savings over improved battery life.

      1. Obviously, the “expectations” are in the tech specs. Previous models have met or exceeded those expectations. And the most recent reviews for the iPhone 5S say Apple’s (by design) balance between battery life and “weight savings” is excellent and appropriate.

        Now, if someone’s expectations are for the battery to last one week (with typical use) between charges, those are not expectations of a reasonable person.

        Again (and obviously), Apple realizes that the new iPhone has a larger screen (and that it uses more power), and will therefore NOT intentionally design an overall “system” that produces inadequate battery life, and therefore get bad reviews and reduce sales. THEREFORE, there is NO NEED to obsess over it. Apple WILL use the right battery.

        1. “THEREFORE, there is NO NEED to obsess over it”

          The same can be said for every single detail about the iPhone, some even less important than battery. Fans obsessing over details of an unannounced product comes with Apple’s culture of secrecy and wild success.

          1. That other kind of “obsession” is mostly speculation related to features. So, I would not find it strange to speculate about battery LIFE. Maybe the specs will be 20% better than for iPhone 5S! However, it seems “obsessive” to WORRY about the specifics of something mundane like the battery, and exactly how much “mAh” it has. Maybe speculate about how much system RAM it has, or how “A8” processor will improve performance, but the battery? That’s like worrying about the volume buttons and how many times they can be pressed before they wears out.

            1. Exactly. Focusing on mAh is like comparing cars based on gallons held by their tanks. It means next to nothing without other factors. Apple has proven pretty consistently able to correctly balance performance, size/weight, features, and longevity.

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