New Apple TV beta features redesigned interface with iOS 7-style icons, fonts

“Alongside iOS 8 beta 5 and the fifth Yosemite beta, Apple today launched a new Apple TV software beta, which includes a long-awaited interface update,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“The new interface includes new icons, which are designed to resemble the icons in iOS 7, with a flatter, less glossy look,” Clover reports.

“Several icons, like Music, Computers, and TV Shows have new colors, and the on-screen fonts have been updated as well,” Clover reports.

More info and screenshot in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. Hope they stop sliding the movie choices off to the right and down. Do not know if I have to slide right or if the stuff on the right will show up on the scroll down.

    1. Yeah, because removing a “gloss effect” and some fine visual detail that never did add anything functional is somehow “dumbing down the look”. Lord.

      I’d love to address the rest of your comment because there’s no doubt I’d disagree, but since it borders on incomprehensible, I’d only be guessing at your true intended meaning.

        1. Yes, good design means something – just apparently not what you think it does. Speaking of things that mean something, but what you think they do, it’s amusing that you would even invoke “high design” in the context of discussion on the look and feel of glossy photo-real icons versus simple, elegant, forms reduced to their bare essence. Face palm.

    1. Agreed. Very disappointing. We need a whole new interface, not just new icons. The ever-growing grid of icons with no way to organize, categorize, or search is getting annoying. Sure I can turn off the ones I don’t want to see, but that’s not a solution. Plus the current overall experience is beginning to feel dated.

      I would love to have support for switching multiple Apple IDs via the home screen or perhaps give us profiles under the same Apple ID more than new icons.

      Hopefully, this is only a very early beta.

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