Jesse Jackson calls on Obama to scrutinize tech industry’s ‘lack of diversity’

“Jesse Jackson called on the Obama administration Monday to scrutinize the tech industry’s lack of diversity,” Wendy Koch reports for USA Today. “‘The government has a role to play’ in ensuring that women and minorities are fairly represented in the tech workforce, Jackson told a USA TODAY editorial board meeting. He said the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission needs to examine Silicon Valley’s employment contracts.”

“‘There’s no talent shortage. There’s an opportunity shortage,’ he said, calling Silicon Valley’s record ‘far worse’ than many others such as car makers that have been pressured by unions,” Koch reports. “Jackson has lobbied nearly two dozen tech companies to disclose hiring data, and about a dozen have done so. The result is sobering: Men make up 62% to 70% of the staffs of Twitter, Google, Facebook and LinkedIn while whites and Asians comprise 88% to 91%, according to company data released in the last two months.”

“‘This is the next step in the civil rights movement,’ Jackson said, noting minorities represent a sizable share of consumers but not workers,” Koch reports. “He said it’s bad business not to include them. Of Twitter’s U.S. employees, only 3% are Hispanic and 5% black, but those groups along with Asian Americans account for 41% of its U.S. users. Pandora and eBay will soon release their hiring data, and Apple has said it will also do so but didn’t specify when, according to Butch Wing, a national political coordinator at the Rainbow Push Coalition, an advocacy group founded by Jackson.”

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MacDailyNews Take: What’s the logic for the demographic breakdown of electronics consumers to be echoed in the electronics company’s employment demographics? We fail to see the correlation.

Let’s change the scenario to test the soundness of Jackson’s “logic” with the following: Roughly 60% of the NBA ticket buyers are caucasian. Using Jackson’s logic, he should demand that of the five players each NBA team puts on the court, three of them should be white guys. However, the NBA instead seems to be saying that the teams should simply put the best players they possibly can in the game. After all, that’s what results in the best possible product for consumers.

So, Jackson’s “logic” is illogical. There’s no sound basis for the demographic breakdown of electronics consumers to be echoed in the electronics company’s employment demographics.

As we wrote back in January:

Diversity is good, but getting the absolute best would seem to be the better goal. Forced diversity carries its own set of problems. Would the group be comprised of the best-qualifed people possible or would it be designed to hit pre-defined quotas? Would some [employees], consciously or unconsciously, consider certain [employees], or even themselves, to be tokens meant to fill a quota?

This could also work in Apple’s and other company’s favor. Truly looking at qualified people from a larger pool could result in delivering different viewpoints and new ways of looking at things and tackling problems than a more homogenized [workforce] would be capable of delivering.

Regardless and of course, someday it would be nice for everyone to just be able to look at a group and only see people, not skin color and/or gender.

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      1. guess uncle jesse has never been to china if he thinks asians are a minority. apple’s market is global. that’s the rainbow coalition’s problem. vision through a soda straw. at least it as rainbow stripes.

        diversity by the numbers is a game to keep the downtrodden riled up. if you have competency, you don’t need a “quota” boost.

  1. I wish Jesse Jackson would read “Please Stop Helping Me” and realize that all these heavy handed, top down tactics have hurt the African American’s community to stand on its own.

  2. Jackson is a race hustler, looking to make a quick buck! He and sharpton maintain their lifestyles from this practice. The country is going to hell in a hand basket!

  3. There us definitely more tech companies can do to increase minority employment. I worked in that industry for years and found it was a continual struggle to get more emphasis on minority outreach and hiring.

  4. Lack of diversity? Now we need to have quotas on who designs and engineers our products? How about hiring the best of the best and forget about color! If 100 blacks are the best of the best, hire them! If 100 American Indians are the best of the best, hire them! If 100 Asians are the best of the best, hire them! If 100 whites are the best of the best, hire them! Jesse Jackson the Adulterer’s very reason for being depends on race-baiting. He needs to STHU!

    1. You are exactly right, iMaki. Jessie Jackson merely noted that the world hasn’t paid him any attention for a month or so and wanted the limelight back himself. Everyone should just ignore him.

      Clearly, young black kids tend to gravitate towards different interests than white and asian kids. Those interests prime them for their utility later in life. Ergo, today we have a disproportionate representation of blacks in the NBA. No one in their right mind complains that the NBA is biased against whites.

      If the black community doesn’t like the fact that too few people of color are in software engineers in Silicon Valley, they can go out onto the streets and drag their kids off the basketball hoops and sit them down in front of books on technology.

      Taking Jackson’s logic to its logical conclusion, the federal government should investigate the obvious racial profiling going on with criminal trials related to multi-million-dollar corporate embezzlement cases. Balding, middle-aged, overweight white males are overwhelmingly disproportionately represented amongst those convicted of that crime. This can only be the product of racism.

  5. MDN are you saying that there are not enough competent black engineers in this country that could impact these statistics. That take is probably worse than your “Man from Harlem” comment. People like you create people like Jackson.

    1. Where, exactly, did MacDailyNews say “that there are not enough competent black engineers in this country?” I just searched MDN for “Man from Harlem.” No results. People like you are fscking liars.

        1. I read that “Harlem” comment. Nothing racist whatsoever. The story was about race that’s all. You can talk frankly about race and not be a “racist,” you know.

          So, care to answer my first question or will you continue ducking it, Mr. Strawman?

          Where, exactly, did MacDailyNews say “that there are not enough competent black engineers in this country?”

          1. You’re wasting your time. You are correct, MDN said nothing of the kind about black engineers. People like Mr. Jackson and our friend Sceptical here know that fear is a much better weapon than skill. When companies hire the best talent, they get superior products. Artificial targets and quotas are feel good policies, but companies don’t brag about their hiring policies, they brag about products and services they sell. In my own little business, even I have a hard time finding qualified talent. One would think with so much reading and writing one must do on the web, the country would be getting smarter, but the opposite is happening. One kid came in to apply for an entry level opening and couldn’t even fill out the application form. The paper form confused him. He asked if I had an online form he could type, and not write in. The country has a terrible lack of skills problem, and that leads to a lack of talent problem.

  6. What’s the logic for the demographic breakdown of electronics consumers to be echoed in the electronics company’s employment demographics?

    There is no logic.

    Jesse jackson is an extortionist, the father of a convict currently serving time in prison, and, at the point of being married for 38 years, also fathered a child out of wedlock with a woman who works for him and paid her $400,000 out of his Rainbow Push Coalition.

    There is a special sub-dungeon in hell for the likes of Jackson, a man who routinely sells out his own people in order to to line his own pockets.

    More info via Apple’s iBooks Store: Shakedown: Exposing the Real Jesse Jackson by Kenneth R. Timmerman

    1. As I recall, Jackson got the NHRA to pay annual *protection* money to the Rainbow Push Coalition because Jackson was accusing the NHRA of racism because—at the time—there were no black race car drivers in the Daytona 500 and similar races.

      Apparently the NHRA feared that Jackson could make a stink about how white men in cigar-smoke-filled rooms conspired to keep blacks from winning races… or something, something, something.

      The NHRA, apparently fearing that Jackson could make sponsors take flight, made a generous, annual “donation” to Jackson’s Rainbow Push Coalition. Jackson thought that to be a pleasant outcome and let the NHRA be.

      I wonder who else pays protection money to Jackson.

    2. Jesse is a member of the Counsil of Foreign Relations CFR, a globalist-new world order-UN loving organization that has traitors
      All over the government
      Google for the membership, you’ll be surprised who’s there.

  7. Not really Apple news. Too many political stories on here these days. I just see a wasted article that does little but stoke political and racial separatism on this site. I would rather you publish nothing than loosely related news. I use Apple products and often surf here to see tech news related to new products offered by Apple. Every article that mentions electronics or even Apple by name isn’t really “Mac” daily news, not is it news worthy. If you didn’t believe Jackson’s claims had merit then why bother giving them space on your site. Perhaps you just needed him to open his mouth so you could put your “spin” on it. Write your own articles then offer them for critic and review instead of this. Disappointed in MDN, grow up.

    1. “If you didn’t believe Jackson’s claims had merit then why bother giving them space on your site”
      Because MDN is to page clicks what Jesse Jackson is to race baiting.

  8. Jackson is a joke. Look there’s no high tech company that wouldn’t hire the best and brightest regardless of skin color or race.

    If there’s any proof at ALL that someone qualified was passed over solely due to race then that’s another story.

    But that’s not what’s happening. Jackson somehow believes that there’s a magic percentage that must be reached.

    That’s not how it works. That’s not how any if this works.

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