Running Android on a Mac for free

“Android is a popular mobile operating system that has a wide library of apps, some of which are useful on the desktop,” Andrew Kunesh reports for Tuts+. “Luckily, because Android is open source, it can be run on just about any device, including a Mac.”

“In order to run a full install of Android on a Mac, you’ll need to set up and install an Android virtual machine,” Kunesh reports.

“And though there’s a ton of virtualization software available for the Mac, I’ll you how to create an Android virtual machine using VirtualBox, a free open-source piece of virtualization software by Oracle,” Kunesh reports. “Aside from some app incompatibility issues, the new virtual machine can be used to do just about anything you’d do on a standard Android device: from browsing the web to editing documents in Google Drive.”

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  1. Also, that Android image includes proprietary Google software such as Play which is not open source and whose license doesn’t allow free distribution.

    So this is only free in the way that Microsoft Windows is “free”, i.e. if you find it on PirateBay.

  2. “Luckily, because Android is open source, it can be……”.

    Yeah, right! It is so Open even Samsung is trying to get something else….because it is actually quite CLOSED to Google. Yet it is OPEN just enough to allow virus’s in.

    So, what is OPEN but yet is CLOSED?

    Answer: Android.

    Another riddle comes to mind. Why would anyone want to install virus ridden piece of crap on their Mac? Alas, to this riddle I have no answer.

  3. “you’d do on a standard Android device: from browsing the web to editing documents”

    Ohhhh! I now get to brows the web and edit documents on my Mac!

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