15 more iOS 8 features we discovered this week

“New insights into what’s inside Apple’s looming iOS 8 release continue to emerge, alongside a bunch of new enhancements introduced within iOS 8 Beta 4, which reached developers last night,” Jonny Evans reports for Computerworld.

“The latest iOS 8 beta brings better dictation to your iOS device. This is now more Siri-like, in that the device will take and show dictation in near real time. That’s a significant change because at present dictation requires that you finish speaking before your spoken words are sent to an Apple server and translated into text. You will now get near instant dictation,” Evans reports. “Apple has introduced a new iOS 8 app called Tips. The app helps users learn how to make better use of their device(s) by offering tips and tutorials concerning iOS features.”

Thirteen more iOS 8 features discussed in the full article here.


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