Apple debuts new ‘Stickers’ TV ad for MacBook Air

Apple has debuted a new television advertisement called “Stickers” on U.S. broadcast and cable networks.

On Apple’s YouTube channel page, the ad is billed as, “a celebration of all the many ways people love the MacBook Air, featuring music from artist/producer, Hudson Mohawke.” The song used in the ad is Chimes.

The ad shows a wide variety of stickers that, ostensibly, users have applied to the back of their MacBook Air units. These shots are set to Mohawke’s music. There is no voiceover and the ad closes on the text: “The notebook people love” which then changes to “MacBook Air” and closes on the Apple logo.

Direct link to video here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. I am not a big fan of the sticker but I could see how in something like a college situation one would like to separate themselves from the crowd. I am impressed though by the creativity and artistry of these stickers.

    1. OK, I am too old to incorporate this into my vocabulary, but:

      Urban Dictionary
      “A word that describes something that is extremely cool, such as music, clothes, people, etc.”

      Merriam Webster
      dope adjective, slang
      “of the very best kind “

  2. While it is a bit unlike Apple aesthetic to promote stickers, I think the message is strong. The ad says that Apple users are not “sheep”. Apple users are a diverse group with different interests and different ways of seeing the world. I think it goes back to the Think Different campaign, hence the rainbow colored Apple logo — which was used back then.

  3. Recently Apple has been addressing near all the complaints I’ve posted about for what it was lacking and should do (see my posts for the last few years)

    I’ve moaned:
    1) Apple PR is bad
    2) Apple doesn’t fight back to people attacking it
    3) Apple marketing is bad. I said my local Walmart didn’t carry Thunderbolt cables, sales guys standing next to Thunderbolt macs didn’t even know what Thunderbolt was…
    4) Apple Ads like “genius” sucked
    5) Apple didn’t advertise Macs and losing in taking advantage of Win 8 turd…

    Appel recently began to solve ALL the above :

    1) Removed head of Apple PR
    2) Has been rigorous defending itself: e.g Cook’s statement on ‘Haunted Empire’ ( “Nonsense” stopped it in its tracks), extremely quick response to China CCTV on iOS tracking, EU in app purchases etc, trying to head of PR problems before they fester

    3) Removed head of Apple Marketing USA

    4) Began to give hell to it’s outside Ad agencies, increased internal ad staff..
    Ads have improved from Genius (done by TBWA)

    (except for short runs like Anniversary which seemed to show iOS more there were no mac ads since Mac PC guy which stopped in 2009).
    I’m glad Apple is starting to seriously market one of it’s biggest winners (and take advantage of Halo effect, Win 8 etc) the Mac!

    Hey maybe somebody out there in Apple Land is listening to MDN readers!
    If they are… can I suggest: when they release Yosemite and new iOS please run ads emphasizing the ECO SYSTEM . Advertise Apple’s other BIG ADVANTAGE that Apple designs BOTH OS and hardware hand in hand which makes Apple’s products seamless wholes compared to most of it’s competitors like Samsung.

    apple’s also been fixing other problems like Maps issues faster, great apple’s new aggressive spirit, Go Tim Go Apple !

      1. ????

        could be
        (unlike Forstall etc she had a good send off from apple and she was a favourite of Jobs)

        but Ballmer retired too so did the heads of RIM.

        very interesting that she retired BEFORE they got a replacement and also apple PR now is really different from her position from what I understand it i.e Apple should be ‘minimalist’ in response to attacks…

  4. I’m hoping this isn’t an example of the in-house advertising shops best work. It was eye catching, but if you didn’t already know the product and its capabilities, you still wouldn’t. What was the USP of this ad? There are a lot of good stickers? I think the MBA has a lot more to offer than that.

    Maybe Apple needs to send TBWA\Media Arts Lab a bouquet and some chocolates.

    1. Sell dreams, not products. Nobody cares what the laptop can do; they care how it makes them an individual: how it becomes an extension of who they are.

      If this is an example of Apple’s internal advertising, I apologize and take back when I said they should keep external advisors. It was a very impressive, very eye catching, very youthful type of commercial. The retro logo was a VERY nice touch.

        1. weird but I sort of agree with some of both you and lovekamp’s points.

          the stickers are supposed to show the different people and functions that can be use with a mac: science, games, watching content like TV shows, playing music, browsing, communicating etc but it’s sort of abstract (you have to study symbols carefully) .

          The Ad could be different or stronger but looking at the Youtbube response now: 10,000 thumbs up vs 200 down so lots of people seem to like it.

          In any case I’m just glad they are Advertising Macs at all which they haven’t seriously for years and looking at the just released financial results Mac was the big gainer in sales while iPads dropping.
          Macs can gain tremendously with halo and Win 8 floundering.

          1. @Dave, I did not pick up on the functional affiliation attributes of the various stickers. I was clearly not watching deeply enough. I’m not sure exactly how that changes my view. Ads are kind of supposed to grab you and fill your brain with the message. It’s kind of like having a joke explained to you, like maybe I’m at the wrong show.

            I’m with you on Apple pushing Macs. I firmly believe the Mac is going to invade the corporate world riding on the tails of the iDevices. There will be such tight integration between iOS and OS X, coupled with free productivity apps, that it will be irresistible. Can you have a cookout using dead cash cows? M$ is going to have a bunch.

            All that said, the ad is catchy. I’ll watch more carefully next time.

        2. I like the commercial very much as is. But I agree it could be improved. I would make a longer version that spins to show the screen and then shows all the different programs and environments in which the MacBook Aur is used due to its portability.

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