Rush Limbaugh reveals his favorite iOS feature and his fear of it being removed from iOS 8

Among other things during his radio program, Mac, iPhone, and iPad user Rush Limbaugh recently discussed Apple and iOS 8, revealing his favorite iOS feature and his fear of it being removed from the shipping version of iOS 8.

The 3-hour Rush Limbaugh Show airs daily on a network of approximately 590 AM and FM affiliate radio stations. The program is also broadcast worldwide on the U.S. Armed Forces Radio Network.

From the live on-air transcript:

You know, I keep getting e-mails, and I know they’re genuine. I know that you sending them are not tweaking me. I keep getting e-mails, and I should have never brought this up. People keep begging me to explain what my favorite feature is in iOS 8 that Apple has taken out that’s got me so depressed.

Limbaugh, iOS 8, Frequent Locations and Next DestinationFolks, look, I’m embarrassed that this feature is that big a deal to me. I don’t even know why it is. If I were to explain it to you, you would say, “That is enough to depress you?” Yeah. It would also take me a little while to explain it, and I’m probably one of five people that care about it. So in terms of market share, for example, I don’t know how many people would be interested even though I’m the one explaining it.

I do believe I can make anything interesting and compelling. Plus I don’t know that it would make any difference. I mean, if Apple found out how much I liked it, they might never put it back. For example, it’s like what the governor of New York said when he found out that all it took was raising taxes to get me to leave the state. He said he’d have done it sooner.

That was David Paterson. Remember that? Of course, the Drive-Bys chuckled at that. They got a big, big laugh. (interruption) Where is he? I don’t know. Doesn’t he have a motel room somewhere? (interruption) So I don’t know. If I tell ’em how much I like it, they might just leave it out for spite. They might be planning to put it back in. I don’t know.

You know what really grates me about it, though? These tech bloggers — and I know this is unfair. I’m talking to you about something you don’t know about. The tech bloggers routinely tell people, “Turn the feature off. It’s a battery hog,” and, at the same time, they love the exact same thing in Android.

They rave about it. It’s called Google Now, and they rave about it, and yet they tell people to turn it off on their iPhones. Frequent Locations is what it is, but that’s not the feature. That’s just the name. (interruption) Yeah, it stopped. It stopped. Now the phone’s not hot and it’s behaving normally.

iDownloadBlog’s Sébastien Page covered this feature last October, “In this simple tutorial, I will show you how to use the Frequent Locations in iOS 7 in order to find out information about your Next Destination.”

“Buried deep inside your Location Services privacy settings is a feature Apple calls Frequent Locations. When turned on, your device will quietly keep track of locations you go to on a regular basis. For most people, this could be school, work, home, or any location that is frequently visited,” Page reports. “Without any action required from the user, your device will effectively keep a log of your regular whereabouts. This data is not only used to improve Maps, but also to provide you with location-related information.”

“This location-related information is part of what Apple calls Next Destination, a feature that will display travel time to your Frequent Locations in Notification Center,” Page reports. “For example, if you go to the office everyday around 8am, your iPhone will detect the pattern, and after a few days, it will start showing the travel time to that destination in your Notification Center, allowing you to adapt the time you leave home accordingly, if needed.”

Page writes, “Although it doesn’t do much if your Next Destination is right down the street, this feature can be very helpful for commuters. If you have to drive downtown everyday, it’s nice to have an estimated time to destination on your screen prior to leaving home for work.”

Read more about how to use Frequent Locations and Next Destination features in iOS 7 here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


  1. Rush is probably more influential in the way consumers consider buying an Apple gadget than all the advertising the company does combined. Tim should pay attention. But, if he follows his usual practice, he won’t even notice because he apparently notices very little of anything. Otherwise, why would he call ordinary tweaks and occasional upgrades some superlative words like “magical” or “extraordinary” or – his favorite – the delivery of some “great new product” from the pipeline that has produced exactly zero “great new products” (with perhaps the exception of the new Mac Pro) since his ascension.

    AAPL taking another nosedive today ad further evidence that investors have little confidence that anything is going to happen to reach levels that are only possible through strong leadership at corporate headquarters – something in very short supply in Cupertino.

    1. Down 1.78% is hardly a “nosedive.”

      Today AAPL closed at $93.09. Three months ago AAPL was at $75.88, One year ago today AAPL was at $61.68. Five years ago it was at $22.86. Back on Dec 12, 1980, it was $4.11.

      If you expect AAPL to go up every day, you will almost always be disappointed. No wonder you’re so crabby..

    2. A couple of points, jay:

      1. How large a company do you run, that you are so wise about how the by far most successful tech company on the planet should be run?

      2. Name a few great CEOs, currently doing fabulous jobs, who you think Apple should chase.

    3. I seriously doubt Apple would remove a feature from iOS just because Rush Limbaugh said he loved it. Apple doesn’t do petty, and if Rush loves it, I’m sure many other people do too.

      Second, the ENTIRE stock market was down today due to the Malaysian Airlines plane being blown out of the sky. Your claim that it has to do with investors having no confidence in Apple’s leadership has no bearing in fact. And actually, everyone yesterday was praising Tim Cook (and AAPL went up) thanks to the IBM deal.

      Try some facts over hyperbole next time.

    4. “Rush is probably more influential in the way consumers consider buying an Apple gadget than all the advertising the company does combined. Tim should pay attention.”

      This is too say that the only users of iPhones are conservatives and the Tea Party, hardly. No one wants a man who has been divorce 3 times and married 4 times with no children and been fired for racist remarks, has made disparaging remarks against children in addition to losing advertisers for his sexist remarks against women to be the influence for any typical consumer, unless you’re one of him.

    5. The only people “Rush”, the serial druggie, influences are other hateful and ignorant people which is not exactly Apples demographic.
      Your comments on the stock are just silly but that’s to be expected.

    1. Note “his fear of it being removed from the SHIPPING version”. Like many “pundits” and “analysts”, he’s just enjoying getting all in an emotional froth about a fantasy.

    1. Yeah. That is why Rush gets paid about $40 million dollars a year to do a 3 hour show that no advertisers want to be on, but which is carried on 600 stations and is listened to by about 25 million people on a regular basis. You obviously went to public school recently and believe Al Gore is a genius.

      1. Seriously? You used Politico to use as a source to refute Rushes ongoing slide? That’s like using the Pope’s official stance as proof that god exists.

        1. How about this:

          Basically political talk show ratings, and especially for conservative shows, rose significantly several months prior to mid-term elections and then fell back to near normal levels afterwards. Actually pretty typical for election cycles. People get interested as elections come up, then turn it off once elections are over because they’re sick of hearing about politics (whether conservative or liberal).

          And regardless, Rush and Sean Hannity are still #1 and #2 of all radio talk shows.

        2. Really hilarious. . . Both of your links are from really unbiased sources. PoliticusUSA, subtitled “Real Liberal Politics” is about as left wing as you can get. . . And blog are the ruminations of a lefty liberal woman who describes herself as “… an unapologetic President Obama supporter.” Both of whom MADE THINGS UP!

        3. The stories these hacks were claiming show Rush Limbaugh’s numbers were tanking in major markets lied! They did not tell their readers that in each of those markets Rush’s show had MOVED from its old station to the new station the month they were crowing the numbers dropped. . . Here’s the real data:

          Los Angeles: On newly minted KEIB-­AM, Rush has already increased the AQH (Average Quarter Hour) audience by 314% among all measured persons during his show hours, and increased it 230% among Adults 25­‐54. Eric calls this a disaster. If so, may we be cursed for years.

          San Francisco: On new affiliate KNEW-‐AM, Boehlert’s claim of “miniscule” ratings is pure fiction, and poorly written. Rush has increased the station’s share from 0.2 to 2.7 in the last year during his broadcast. AQH audience is up 969% in the same period.

          New York: Since moving to WOR­‐AM, Rush has maintained his position, long held, as the No. 1 talk show in his daypart in the market. He has led WOR into the Top 10 stations and increased WOR’s ratings by more than 200%, in the nation’s largest market.

          As usual, the lefties lied, this time using the sin of omission of important data.

  2. Some people have a tendency to assign a lot of weight and importance to Rush Limbaugh because he apparently has the largest audience in all of talk radio, and therefore he has a disproportionately loud voice.

    We have to put this in proper perspective, though. Radio as a medium is quite far and away from the mainstream, prime-demographic audience, which has long ago moved away from radio and to mp3 (for their music enjoyment) and web (for news). Relatively negligible part of population listen to talk radio anymore, so saying that Rush (or conservative talk shows) are the most popular on radio is like saying that techno music is the most popular music today on vinyl. It is probably true, but doesn’t show the real picture.

    1. The people who moved away are the geniuses who get their news from Comedy Central. They are otherwise designated as the “low information voters”. These are the people who believe Barack Obama when he promised 1) you can keep your health care plan, 2) you can keep your doctor, 3) on average citizens will save $2500 per year. Of course everything was a lie told just to get these lazy uninformed hip people on board. TMZ and Comedy Central are great for knowing useless stuff or to watch while enjoying Colorado’s new legal product, but they are not so good for having a clue about what is actually happening. As you demonstrate.

      1. Exactly WHAT do I demonstrate? Let’s review what I said: radio is a dying medium, and most of the population of today gets their entertainment and information elsewhere. It seems that you had (mis)taken this to be a direct attack on you (personally) and American conservatives (generally), so you felt compelled to attack back (and I’m disregarding all the rest before the last sentence, related to American politics, as it does not relate to me, since I’m a foreigner, therefore without a horse in this race of yours). It seems rather consistent, on this board, that when someone mentions American politics on this board, and it is something that could be remotely construed as critical of American conservatives, someone will immediately poison the conversation with personal insults. Strange… I know better not to generalise, but I can’t help wondering, are all American conservatives like this?? Or does this forum attract more, how do I put it…, passionate kind?

        1. Show some stats to back up your contention that radio is dying and “most people” get their entertainment and information elsewhere. While I agree people are reading news websites more, they still listen to talk radio in droves.

          1. I’d also argue that web news sites have largely disgraced themselves in their efforts to stay solvent. Talk radio may be driven by outsize personalities, but call-ins expose people more than do anonymous commentary on web sites, and are thus more genuine. Radio engagement requires commitment, which is why trolls steer clear of it.

        2. I think you understand that there is a silent majority, made up of people with ordinary working lives and conventional politics, whose duties on the job, raising families, community work, and other activities leave them little time for composing and posting vitriolic manifestos on the internet — that seems more the domain of the retired and embittered, or the young and reckless. Smart people in the workforce don’t do this on Facebook.

      2. Fwhatever, Jay Morrison, Kent and the rest can kiss my a$$. You guys drag this forum down into political hell every chance that you get. You are just talking to each other. You anonymous cretins might even be the same person. Go hug on Rush and bitch about Obama somewhere else where people actually want to listen to you (if, indeed, there is such a place in this universe or any parallel universe).

        Don’t ask me how I really feel.

        1. KingMel-

          Understand your frustration with two wasted votes. With the country drowning in the toilet you really need to point your frustration on where the blame lies.

          Where it does not lie is MDN good citizens pointing out the wrought your votes have brought.

          Have a nice day piss ant.

      3. It horrifies me how many young people take The Daily Show as their news source. Really sad. They don’t really want to see, know and reflect on what’s REALLY going on they just want entertainment. I watch Fox and CNN and others including local to get a well rounded picture of what’s really going on because they all push their own point of view so you have to get yourself some perspective and come to your own conclusions.

        1. I’d never call Fox and CNN well rounded.

          Honestly I’m a news whore (from CNN to Aljazeera) and Comedy Central reports more world relevant news than Fox or CNN IMO. I can’t find any Google World/Science, BBC or NPR headlines on CNN’s main page but they’re certainly brought up by Jon Oliver on weekly basis.

    1. Puleez! If I heard that quote attributed to ANYONE I would naturally assume the person was joking. And I’d be right 100% of the time. Quit pulling crap out of context and attempting to incite hatred.

    2. I heard what Rush said. . . and it was nothing at all similar to that. (Paraphrasing) He said the news of the missile shooting down an airliner will be gleefully seized upon by the media to avoid the developing border scandal, and they will spend an inordinate amount of time, as they did on the last Malaysian air disaster to avoid talking about Obama’s failures, as they did when MSNBC and CNN went 24/7 for almost two months on that single topic! He then spent quite a bit of time rationally discussing the ramifications of the disaster, who might have shot it down, whether Putin was behind it, etc. He questioned why the pilot chose to fly over a war zone. AT NO TIME, did he even hint that Obama shot down the airliner, or had anything to do with it.

      Rush spoke far more than the clocked 45 seconds that Obama spoke on the subject before going on for sixteen minutes of partisan jokes in a Democrat fundraiser. . . And then went on to another Democrat fundraiser. . . while TWO major international crises were taking place! That’s insane. Ronald Reagan addressed the nation when the USSR shot down the Korean airliner that “invaded” their airspace in 1983. Obama fund raised.

      1. Obama said, “It looks like it may be a terrible tragedy,” perhaps he wasn’t too sure it was important enough since “it may have been”. So let’s fund raise! Yeah!

      2. Rush always discusses probable media responses (or non-responses) to world events, which exhibits a keen awareness that media have indelible political biases and the public must be constantly reminded of that…media impartiality is a myth that poisons the thinking of a free citizenry.

    3. Well, the lefties said Bush ordered the planes to crash into the Twin Towers (inside job they say). Do those scummies deserve to live? So, although I didn’t hear the show, it’s probably said as a parallel to that stupid remark. I doubt any President would bring that much stress onto himself on purpose—like any of them don’t have enough problems to deal with already.

  3. Nice to see that each time Rush is highlighted the station count is smaller and smaller. El Rushbo is a shrinking ice cube along with Premiere and Clear Channel.

    Look up Limbaugh’s New York, Los Angeles and Chicago ratings. Those are the 3 largest markets in the US- they are awful and sinking. The fall from grace began when he called Ms Fluke a whore/slut/etc. on his show. Advertisers continue to flee.

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