Apple’s iTV, if it ever arrives, should be big and beautiful

“If Apple ever actually makes the rumored ‘iTV’ television set, it should be big and have excellent picture quality,” Dennis Sellers reports for Apple Daily Report. “Yeah, I know that sounds pretty obvious, but J.D. Power recently conducted a survey about this.”

“The research group found that customers who recently purchased a high-definition television cite picture quality and screen size as the two primary reasons for selecting their TV,” Sellers reports. “‘Customers purchasing a smaller HDTV tend to be more price conscious than those purchasing a larger HDTV,’ says Christina Cooley, director in the diversified services industries practice at J.D. Power. ‘Yet, we find that customers who buy larger HDTVs are more likely to research brands and features before making their purchase compared with customers purchasing smaller HDTVs.'”

“The report finds that 72% of customers with HDTVs 50 inches or larger and 37% of those with HDTVs smaller than 50 inches have a smart TV,” Sellers reports. “In comparison, 35% of customers with HDTVs 50 inches or larger and 11% of those with HDTVs smaller than 50 inches have a 3D TV.”

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    1. If they do make a TV it won’t be like anything we have seen. I hope Apple release the new ATV with a range of compatible 4K Apple Cinema Displays in 3 sizes…perhaps up to 50″. The new cinema displays will be able to cater for all Macs at the same time – its the only way I can see Apple going.

    1. There shall be superior 3D TV technology in the future. I have decreed it! What we got so far wasn’t good enough or affordable enough. It went from ‘Gee Whiz’ to BFD technology. Maybe if they’d included a case of aspirin with every box…

    2. The majority of “high end” HDTVs include 3D. There is a company – can’t remember who – that is looking to start mass producing eyeglass-free 3D TV’s as well. While glassless 3D does exist, nobody has found a way to make it cheap and have adequate picture quality.

      I think Apple has a patent for eyeglass-free 3D tech, so maybe we see it on a iPhone or iPad first?

      But yes, your right about 3D TV being stagnant. The new gimmick is Samsung’s curved UHD TV’s that cost up to 8 or 9 thousand dollars. With 3D included of course…

  1. I was wrong! For the longest time, I firmly believed that Apple would not produce a TV. But I was just alerted to the image linked below that strongly suggests how clueless we all are: an actual photo of a working model Apple TV.

    Yeah, I know. I runs counter to all logic, but in this case, the photo left my jaw dropping. See for yourself. I’m now convinced that for once, the pundits were right. Here’s the link to the image:

    1. .. and yet ever day I drive, i see idiots behind the wheel of their cars with their eyes glued to some stupid mobile phone with a dinky display and relatively poor resolution. Many of those devices have an apple symbol on them.

      Perhaps there are other factors in play.

  2. It won’t be called “iTV since that trademark was grabbed decades ago and isn’t going away.

    Otherwise, I enjoy the dreaming of what it could be. I trust Apple to make it something beyond my imagination.

    At the moment, there is quite a lot of antiquated media oligarchy thinking to dispose of before it will be ALLOWED to happen. The executive geezer cult in charge of these stoic, Luddite companies will gradually die off and actual 21st century thinkers will flush their ashes down into the septic tank of history. It will happen. The customers WILL get what they demand: Respect as well as à la carte media at their fingertips. No piracy required. No piracy inspired.

    1. And I should point out that all of the above dreaming does NOT require Apple to sell their own TV displays. They’ve already got the technology that can make it happen in the Apple TV. I could, however, see having the Apple TV integrated into a variety of other manufacturer’s TV displays, not that there’s much of an inconvenience plugging the Apple TV hockey puck into ANY modern TV today.

  3. I think selecting TVs is very much like picking speakers, you have to see/listen to the actual device before buying it. Speakers I hate, others love, and TVs I like are similarly derided by others. There is no objective standard.

  4. Apple won’t do a television because Apple makes its money selling hardware that consumers upgrade often. Televisions sit around for far longer than a typical computer product cycle. The industry is desperately trying to change this with 4K and 3D, but people aren’t quite as stupid as that and aren’t buying it. On the other hand, a set top box can be upgraded more easily than a phone and that’s where Apple will focus its attention.

  5. I have 2 Smart TV’s, different brands. They have one thing in common….they are NOT ‘smart’. It is because of the software. There is only so much they can do with their crappy software. Only Apple and Microsoft are capable of producing a really smart TV! They have the software to make things work.

  6. This guy sounds pretty spaced out. No one thinks Apple wants to sell TVs. They already make iMacs (essentially huge displays with PC internals), but the commodity TV market… meh

    They’re doing set top boxes, Dennis.

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