OS X Yosemite: Apple’s biggest release ever

“Apple has a history of making a big splash. In the early 90’s there was the CPU transition from Motorola’s 680xx processor family to the PowerPC,” E. Werner Reschke writes for TGAAP.

“Then there was Steve Jobs coming back as iCEO, then as CEO, and then the iMac — a computer shaped and colored like no other,” Reschke writes. “OS X arrived and iPod+iTunes took the music market by storm. Apple’s latest game changers have been the iPhone and iPad.”

“Apple knows not only how evolve but how to revolutionize products and industries. The next revolution? OS X Yosemite,” Reschke writes. “While OS X Yosemite may seem like just the next version of OS X, it is much, much more. At the heart of OS X is what Apple calls Continuity. Continuity extends the Mac into iOS devices and vise versa. Never before will a desktop and mobile OS be so in tune with one another. While other platforms may have bits and pieces of Continuity, no other platform will have the breath and depth of Continuity right out of the box. Continuity is built to make using a Mac, iPhone or an iPad seamless.”

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  1. Yea, but Mail still is completely dysfunctional. Apple has gotten as arrogant as Microsoft. “We don’t have to fix our software !” Apple will die as Microsoft has if they don’t start fixing the problems in the programs that are needed to run a business.

    1. Are you still on about this?

      Seriously, you must love being frustrated, your postings about the problems with Mail go back longer than anyone cares to remember.

      If you’ve been having this much trouble for as long as you claim, then you should contact Apple for support. Failing that, drop kick the software and move onto something else. There are plenty of alternate email clients out there. In fact, I understand Microsoft is looking for more customers.

      All you complaining about the same thing, over and over is just irritating.

      Wait a second… are you my ex-wife?

      1. he is using mail servers that are not W3 compliant, so he is mad because the help desk at Apple told him that they will not add google hooks into it’s software so google can find out everything about him… he has attention deficit disorder, and google is the only one paying attention to his @$$

        Keep using clean servers, and your Mail will work fine, this guy is just failing, we can’t help him…. he is a goner

        Or a paid troll

    2. I hear they improved multiple aspects of Mail in Yosemite. Have you tried in the beta yet, or is your criticism out of date?

      Mail has been fine for me in Mavericks, including two Gmail accounts (one free account, one business account). But do I hear enough people complaining about Mail in Mavericks to convince me there’s a real problem with it for some people.

  2. Fawning, hyperventilating, superlatives galore – what about magical, revolutionary, and utterly life changing too?

    One thing you have to say for Tim & Company is that they have outdone the greatest hucksters of all time – P. T. Barnum comes to mind – that all they have to do is show up, put some National Park name on the giant screen, “demo” a couple of tweaks, and the whooping and hollering commences and goes on and on and on. When we finally get the new OS loaded, we quickly forget that it’s pretty much the same as before yet we activate our whooping and hollering gullets and get ready to follow the shamsters right off the cliff again and again.

  3. Continuity is great only if all the products that benefit are good enough, especially the core product which is the phone. At the moment the iPhone is not the best phone and is very limited in its range. Unless Apple improve the small, current sized phones and as predicted bring out both larger sizes that are as good or hopefully better than the current crop then the benefits of Continuity are greatly devalued.

  4. Biggest release ever?
    Good God, that was back in high school, date with the best built girl around, and a joint laced with PCP……
    -Wait, what were we talking about?

  5. I hope to heaven Apple finally restores the ability to search SMB drives on the network. That was lost in Lion. It’s maddening and frustrating in a mixed Windows/Mac office environment.

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