Apple releases 2014 Environmental Responsibility Report; targets rising water use, production partners’ emissions

“Apple Inc acknowledged on Wednesday it needs to address manufacturing partners’ carbon emissions and its own rising water consumption, though the iPhone maker said it had cut back sharply on greenhouse gas output,” Reuters reports.

“On Wednesday, Apple released its 2014 environmental responsibility report, saying investments in renewable energy helped slash its carbon footprint from energy use by 31 percent from fiscal 2011 to fiscal 2013. That’s despite power consumption soaring 44 percent over the same period,” Reuters reports. “But the company, which is building its future main campus not far from its current base in Silicon Valley, said water usage had spiked as a result of general construction and expansion. It also blamed production partners for the largest portion of its carbon footprint, without naming them.”

Read more in the full article here.

Apple Inc.’s Environmental Responsibility Report – 2014 Progress Report, Covering FY2013 – can be found a href=”” target=”_new”>here.

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  1. Apple Inc acknowledged on Wednesday it needs to address … its own rising water consumption.

    Water is the next big issue as sustainability continues to slam humanity on the head like an anvil of the godz.

    One major solution is going to be local reusability. You pay for the water once, you use it many times.

    For graywater (which is increasingly being referred to with political correctness as ‘reused’ or ‘reclaimed’ water) this is reasonably easy and relatively inexpensive. The movement to reuse graywater has been going on for years. [Insert sardonic joke about Halliburton providing graywater as drinking water to US troops during the Iraq War here].

    For actual [versus Halliburton] drinking water via water reuse, the problem is cost. Osmosis systems are still remarkably slow and expensive, although they are in regular use already in areas with essentially no water sources, such as in the Middle East. With time, I expect there will be more efficient and less expensive solution.

    BTW: The exponentially increasing value of potable water around the world is the prime reason I believe fracking should be stopped worldwide. It is bad technology at the worst possible time. The fracking industry knows this as demonstrated by their increasingly desperate carpet bombing of propaganda to the contrary. [Shame on you US public radio and television for allowing them to do so on your airwaves!]

    And no, I won’t be drawn into a fracking discussion here at MDN. Sorry.

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