Apple is well on its way to devastating Microsoft

“As I argued when ardent BlackBerry loyalists deluded that IT departments would never allow employees to carry iPhones due to security and integration issues, IT departments hold about zero sway within large corporations,” Rocco Pendola writes for TheStreet.

“No offense if you work in IT, but you’re ultimately a grunt,” Pendola writes. “Executives, as a result of their own and their employees’ desires, tell IT departments what to do. It’s the IT department’s job to get it done; no whining and no questions asked.”

Pendola writes, “We saw it with RIM. We’re seeing it with what I really think will prove to be an exodus away from the unwieldy and unloved MSFT Office and Windows juggernaut.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Dominick P.” and “eldernorm” for the heads up.]

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  1. I disagree — a bit. Back in the day, before people used computers or the internet or smartphone, the IT department was god of IT. Companies needed computers to get work done. And the only people who knew anything was IT. And they chose Microsoft because they were computer nerds.

    Today, average people have used computers, they’re constantly connected. They now know what they didn’t know before — that Microsoft sucks. And today, the article is correct, IT must bow before educated executives.

    1. Very true Im sure people remember on here the endless stories about IT departments dictating this or that and management follows. Cant remember the last time I heard such a story now mind. Their power is only a fraction of what it once was and phones and tablets have completely changed the landscape in that regard. If that was by design at Apple rather than a hopeful move to bypass various dams to expansion I don’t know but the success has certainly been greater than anyone could have imagined back then. So if it was a fully worked out fiendish plan by SJ or/and others, then these people deserve a Nobel prize for pure genius.

  2. As an Apple Consultant, this is good news to me. I have noticed this trend developing for quite a while, and I have long since came to the conclusion that the world no longer needs Microsoft Office. There are so many alternatives out there to choose from. I, for one, would love to see Powerpoint die. Outlook (on Windows) is a pretty good mail and collaboration client when it’s used right, but that’s about the good thing I can say about Office. Outlook on Mac is the WORST email client I have ever had the great annoyance and displeasure of dealing with.

  3. Regardless what you or think, IT department the gatekeeper to the network. And while it’s nice to see Apple products treated as first class citizens, uninformed people do not tell IT to just get it done.

    1. Yo Terr

      Jump back up to the top and give ol’ Kirkgray a re-read. I AM a IT admin and I tried to “sell” the people in charge on Apple and was met with a blistering NO. 2 years later, just take a wild-assed-guess at who is calling the shots to dump that crap from MS? Correct you are. The man that signs the checks, BECAUSE, he can FaceTime with his grand children in another state, and he HATES computers, well, did. Look it up, They just work! Rot in oblivion MS.

  4. I’m an insurance broker and we use various quotation systems for different classes of insurance business. All of them are Windows based and as a single small broker they have no reason to listen to us to rewrite their entire offering. For a lot of the stuff we do the cost of moving from one software provider to another is so expensive that it’s not worth it. As a result, whilst we’re gradually updating our machines we run windows for those few things we still need windows for.

    With one company we actually connect via remote desktop, so can use it directly from OS X, unfortunately, they won’t setup printing properly so we still have to connect via windows just to print.

    It’s getting better though, we’ve dumped our IT support and I do it myself now. Any windows problems are related to the other software we use so they have to fix it.

    1. try using the 2X remote desktop client. If they ARE allowing printer redirection usually the problem is your printer driver isn’t installed on their system. With 2x’s RDP client, it uses a generic/already installed driver that allows printing back to your mac.

      1. They have no drivers at all installed. They use Tricerat Screwdrivers to translate whatever is on your system. The mac version doesn’t support RDP only ICA. It’s so annoying because there are so many ways it could be fixed, but I’m not a big enough fish, and they’re not a big enough part of what we do to justify the expense of moving to any of the alternatives.

  5. Microsoft and Google are like most lottery winners. Suddenly rich due to a lucky stroke. Microsoft: Windows/Office, Google: Search. Both companies are paranoid about Apple and destroying themselves unwittingly trying to kill Apple.

    Apple survives by putting the customer experience first and largely ignoring the competition and the pundit critics.

  6. Wrong on all counts. Microsoft and it’s Adobe partners will continue to dominate the professional, corporate and government markets because they have no competition. Steve drove that truck into the ditch in favor of pop culture gadgets. As hugely successful as the phones, pads, pods, and dumbed down OS’s and software is there is a limit to how long that market will continue to flourish. The one left behind was the real opportunity for Apple dominance and AAPL at much higher levels than the stupidly celebrated current value. Sitting on the laurels of the “most valuable” accolades is a formula that may provide Tim Cook with the easiest job in all the world but it’s a fools errand to do nothing more.

    One of these days, and I believe it’s sooner than later, fickle consumers will tire of tweaks and ordinary updates, larger screens, fancier glass, and even a wearable device that will be worn for a short while and then reside in the desk drawer with its battery completely exhausted from non use.

    In the meantime, Microsoft will continue to take the orders from the serious, adult market that will steadily grow and grow.

    ical this

    1. Well it seems like someone has some anger management issues.

      Computers are tools. Choose the one that fits your needs and don’t bitch and vainly prognosticate the demise of the ones you didn’t choose. What’s the point of that? Does tossing out churlish insults make you feel better? If so, choosing computing platforms may not be your biggest issue.

      There’s a seismic shift going on now. We’re all moving to being pervasively connected to data centres everywhere. The platform, ultimately, simply becomes the client. The ‘computing’ as we know it, will be done, for the most part, remotely.

      Get over it. Relax. Enjoy life.

    2. Adults? Haha. Go to the Peet’s Coffee near Cal Tech, or the Bux near JPL, or any coffee shop near a campusful of intelligent people, and count the Mac/Windows laptop ratio. Scientists use Macs. So do artists for the matter of that. Businesses are finally starting to follow.

    3. “Wrong on all counts.”

      I’m glad you said that before you shoveled the shit.

      It was nice of you to warn us so we didn’t have to read your crap.

    4. All Apple has to do to devastate Microsoft, Intel and their OEM’s is slowly pick up a greater percentage of higher end laptops. The reason being that is where the margin is.

      Microsoft will continue selling the vast amount of OS licenses for laptops and desktops, but every percentage loss of higher end OS licenses reduces their profits, and increases Apple’s substantially. This is why it is inevitable that Apple will release mid-range quality ARM laptops once their processors can handle mainstream needs (leaving Intel chips in higher end MacBooks). It would carve out another huge chunk of profits for Apple, even if they only took away 5% more of the market from Microsoft.

      Granted the article lacked that subtlety.

  7. Like anyone here gives two Fs what the resident troll on this site comments about enough to “iCal” it. I read your first sentence, glanced at the username and scrolled to the bottom and caught “iCal this.” What an ego.

  8. I work in IT and iOS is about the only one that is 100% supported in MDM’s. Android’s fragmentation hurts it. Blackberry is probably the most secure and all there phones supported, but you have to run their BES server. The whole setup I thought was horrible. We have moved to all iOS here and an MDM provider. We tried Windows, Blackberry and finally Android being the worse with reliability and MDM support. iOS all the way!!

  9. MSFT is doing a great job devastating themselves.
    That’s what happens when you live in an echo chamber and start believing your own propaganda.
    All they have left is some very aged momentum, which will probably be sufficient keep them going for a long time as a mere shadow of their former selves.

  10. Who let’s this guy write tech articles? See his twitter feed (hacked?) ? (i’m no one to use twitter either but i’m not a public writer.) He’s a sports blogger, no? The line that got me irritated is “It’s the IT department’s job to get it done; no whining and no questions asked.” — No questions asked, huh? What IT departments do YOU know that don’t ‘ask questions’… ?

  11. I’ve run a Mac department inside a Windows network for years and I hope this happens.

    However for corporate networking Windows is the only game in town and they know it.

    Apple tried with Xserve, MacPro server and server software, but failed.

    Microsoft dominance will fade from the corporate world but only when networking is outsourced to the cloud, effectively outsourcing your IT department.

    Then you’ll be able to have whatever platform you like client side, as all the networking will be abstracted to outsourced services. I know, I’ve seen this happen in a few companies already.

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