This is how Apple converts the masses to new tech

“It’s only been a few weeks since Apple announced its new HomeKit platform — the home automation system that lets iOS users control lights, cameras, door locks, etc., with voice commands — but the company made it clear in a new ad how much it wants customers to adopt the connected home platform,” Chris Neiger writes for The Motley Fool.

“In the new ad there’s a series of snapshots with parents playing with their kids at the beach, finding a lost dog, calming a crying baby and other young parent responsibilities,” Neiger writes. “Through all the chaos and fun the iPhone is shown assisting with these things, including tracking how well garden plants are growing, turning off the lights when a baby falls asleep, or acting as a video baby monitor.”

“Apple knows it needs to market HomeKit this way in order for home automation to take off,” Neiger writes. Right now some consumers may wonder why they would want to connect their iPhone to light bulbs in their home and this ad helps to clarify that.””

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  1. Very, very nice.

    Sure beats hearing that moronic, robotic D-R-O-O-O-O-I-I-I-I-D at the end of some 60-second spot that doesn’t tell you anything about the product in the real world or that focuses solely on 12 megapixel images capabilities that really don’t take better pics but instead merely fill up your phone’s storage prematurely.

    Good ad.

  2. It’s funny, the iPhone, once it came into being, suddenly started making so many things possible that weren’t before and now it’s a bit of a feverish pace to monetize and develop all of these many inevitable follow up ideas.

    I think even Steve Jobs would have been a bit daunted by the competitive pressures but also happy to accept the challenge as Tim Cook has had to.

    I think this fall Apple will take a big leap ahead in many regards but the digital pace forward will never slacken. Jobs actually had the luxury of time much more than Cook or anybody else does now. We’re off and running! (Actually we’ve been off and running.)

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