Apple merges iPhoto, Aperture into a single new, free Photos app

“Apple’s decision to end-of-life its Aperture photo management app is causing some photo pros heartburn,” Robin Harris reports for ZDNet. “But it is not surprising.”

“Apple is doing is nothing new: the original 128k Macintosh debuted with MacWrite, MacDraw and MacPaint, with some radical, for the day, functionality. Of course, those were some of the only apps then available for the Mac,” Harris reports. “But over the last 15 years Apple has adopted a consistent strategy of reducing software prices: OS X $129 to free; iWork (Pages, Keynote, Numbers): $79 to free; iLife apps: free; Aperture: $199 to $79 to free; Logic Pro: $499 to $199; Final Cut Studio: $1,300 to $400; [and] Shake: $4950 to $499.”

“Replacing Aperture with a free app is nothing new for Apple and it is good for consumers. No, Apple’s new Photos app won’t beat Photoshop or Lightroom for pros, but it doesn’t have to,” Harris reports. “It just needs to make photo management easy enough so most Mac buyers don’t spend money on Adobe’s products.”

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  1. Aperture keeps my pro hobbyist pics separate from my iPhoto happy snaps. I do not want to download 600+ pics from a photoshoot and have them mixed in with the iPhoto iPhone snaps that I like to take, around the house.

    Prefer not to mix my pro hobbyist stuff with pleasure everyday pics.

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