Apple Maps data is now being updated every day

“When Apple launched its first-party mapping software alongside iOS 6, users immediately discovered that there were a significant number of issues with the map data,” Mike Beasley reports for 9to5Mac. “Apple eventually issued an apology and said that the release was not up to the company’s standards.”

“Ever since the app debuted, it has had an option to report incorrect POI data to Apple,” Beasley reports. “Until recently, however, it seemed that those reports were simply going to an unmonitored inbox to make users feel like they’d done something to help.”

“Just over a week ago, Reddit user ‘heyyoudvd’ noticed that a number of incorrect data points in his area had been corrected—more than had ever been fixed in the previous two years, and many of which he had reported,” Beasley reports. “Now ‘heyyoudvd’ says he’s noticed an even bigger change… According to a new post from the Redditor, the Maps application recently started downloading new, corrected POI data once a week. Now the application checks for this new information every single day. The updates are pushed to iOS devices at 3 AM eastern time (midnight in Cupertino).”

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  1. Well, it’s not good enough to blunt a blow to map king google. Apple map sucks and it’s taking apple too long to rectify errors, just too slow. Eddy cue needs to move his big backside and get this apple maps problem sorted instead of handing out with that gangsta Dr Dre 👿😡

  2. I’ve sent in an error and it was fixed within 24 hours with a thank you. I believe Apple has made enormous strides with this maps story and overall I have had a wonderful user experience.

    1. Apple maps are horrible and unreliable in the UK and Europe, every time apple maps struggle, google maps work effortlessly and reliably. Apple maps is rubbish

      1. It’s interesting, I keep seeing people complain about Apple maps but my experience in using it up and down the east coast of the US has been almost flawless, something I can’t say for Google maps. Every time I have tried using Google maps it has made a mess out of the directions including telling me to turn right, and drive off the top of a bridge.

  3. Maps has fixed areas I knew about near San Marcos, CA which were new construction (and not properly mapped for quite a while) and so far I have gotten exemplary directions on Maps anywhere I want to go in SoCal. So the improvements made seem to be extensive here in California. Your mileage may vary.

    1. Good for you that apple maps work in your neck of the woods, in my area apple maps is retarded and have to rely on google maps, and google is a company I don’t like. C’mon eddy cue, move your big back side and get apple maps fixed ASAP 😡

        1. Apple Maps are terrible and unusable for most of British Columbia, even where immediately adjacent parts of the USA have clear and detailed mapping. If Apple hasn’t noticed such an egregious failure, then their quality control is way beyond what my volunteer efforts can help fix.

          1. I have had zero problems in BC, except for one tiny (two block) error way back at the beginning.

            When you say “most of BC”, you do realize, I hope, that most of the massive area of BC is wilderness. So that kind of casts doubt on your sweeping statement. What do you actually mean?

            Also, note difference between my construction of “I have had” and yours of “Apple Maps are terrible”. Please recognize that your experience is ONLY your individual experience and write accordingly.

          2. That’s interesting. Now my question is: Is that primarily your point of view, or does it apply to others?

            Because as you’ve probably noticed, there are a lot of people here that conflate their problems (as valid as that may be) onto everyone (which is not quite so valid),

  4. They just fixed an issue I reported over 1 year ago. That’s progress, I guess, but can’t say I’m enthusiastic given how long it took to correct.

    I reported the same error multiples time, once every 2 or 3 months, filling in the correct address each time. The final time I reported it, instead of writing the address, I wrote “If you want the correct address, then GOOGLE it.” Could be a coincidence they fixed it shortly after that, but it might be because I struck a nerve.

  5. I suspect it all really depends on where in the world you are. That affects the performance a lot.

    For example, in my part of the world (South East Asia) Apple Maps… Sigh. I SO wanted to like it because of turn by turn, y’know? The map data is more or less accurate as in the roads and landmarks are all there. But try getting directions to a place. I can SEE the road I want on Maps… But the directions just refuse to get me there. Google Maps is slightly better…

    But you know what most of us in this part of the world use daily? Waze! It’s everything I wish Apple Maps to be. Fast and pretty accurate. Pity it’s been bought over by Google… I can feel myself sliding deeper and deeper into Purgatory every time I use Waze and Google mines my data… 🙁

    1. I’ve seen many problems with Apple Maps in New York City, and the commenter below me is complaining about it in Los Angeles.

      I don’t expect Apple to have all of South East Asia totally mapped out on day one, but they still can’t get NYC or LA right? C’mon! Those are like the two most important cities in Apple’s own native country! If Apple Maps can’t get those right, why should I believe they are handling any part of the world well besides Cupertino, California?

  6. Sheesh, I submitted a bakery in Los Angeles that was no longer in business last week, and today it is no longer shown on the Apple maps search.
    Very impressive, Apple!

  7. Google maps is just a more complete product. It gives transit directions, just about anywhere, without extra fuss. It gives traffic problems. It gives street view (totally invaluable).
    maybe Maps is OK for just driving a-b, but thats it.

  8. Well, I’m from Poland and I have an impression that Apple Maps correction is not working there, at least for my parents house location and proper address description. They messed up the post code numbers for my parents house as well as the whole area, something which is easily re verifiable via the Polish Post online checker. They also messed up the pin location and it is on the same street, but a couple hundred metres, or yards from their house at different house.

    Google Maps, however, shows everything correctly there, including pin location, street view and house photography.

    Apple probably focuses on places where customers spend most of their money on Apple’s products. No wonder Poland is out of luck. There is no official brick-and-mortar Apple Store (but there is Apple online store). There is no proper iTunes Store (you could buy films without polish subs, which is bullshit), you can’t buy series of television programs, Siri don’t speak polish, no polish dictation as well despite the fact we are a 40 million people country.

    Everything because Poland isn’t a rich country and polish people’s wages sucks, comparing to wages in Ireland where I live now. Not a lot of people buy Apple products in Poland so Apple cares about everything there accordingly.

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