Audi to support Apple’s CarPlay along with Google’s ‘Android Auto’

Audi is bringing the Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto software platforms into cars. Major functions will be integrated into the Audi Multi Media Interface (MMI) in the future.

“Our customers want to be ‘always on’ and use the services they know from their smartphones in cars as well,” says Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Board Member for Technical Development at AUDI AG, in a statement. “In this regard, we are working closely with leading companies like Google and Apple. In the future, customers will be able to use the functions available to them on their smartphones via the operating systems in their cars as well.

User friendliness and low distraction are important parameters for integrating these functions. Data security also plays a vital role. We are separating the vehicle-related functions from the infotainment features, thereby securing the data against unauthorized access. The customer has to give express consent for the use of data generated in the vehicle,” he continues.

Audi is the only premium automotive manufacturer to be a founding member of the Google Open Automotive Alliance (OAA). This cooperation was launched in early 2014 with the goal of integrating the Android platform and its apps into cars under the “Android Auto” banner. Initial results are already available in the form of services such as navigation via Google Maps and the streaming service Google Play Music.

Integration of CarPlay is also taking place through intensive dialog between the Audi development lab in Silicon Valley and Apple.

This close cooperation enables optimum integration of the two most widespread smartphone platforms into the Audi MMI. Customers will be able to choose at any time which of these platforms they wish to use in their cars.

Source: Volkswagen AG

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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  1. I’d do everything I could to disable all Android functions in a car of mine, the last thing I want is for speed and location data to be uploaded to a place where a company that will happily drop’em for any agency that asks can gain access to it.

    1. Errr….

      You do know that as long as you have a smartphone with a charged battery on you, even if the phone is shut down, this is allready possible??

      BTW… This has nothing to do with the visible OS running on the phone be it iOS or Android (or whatever) but is much more low level.

      Just saying…

  2. This comes as no surprise. It’s tricky enough to sell cars anyway, but cutting off a portion of the potential market because you’ve sided with the wrong phone operating system would be foolish in the extreme.

    The only sensible option would be for car manufacturers to make cars which interface with both IOS and Android devices.

    1. Since basically all cars have build-in real-time operating system like QNX and can show picture and send user’s commands to back a phone, there is no difficulty supporting any number of interfaces for any kind of devices, including smartphone.

      iOS, Android, Windows Phone — all will be supported eventually because actual programming for QNX is very minimal, actual functionality provided on smartphone itself.

      This way of implementation is the easiest for both automobile and smartphone manufacturers.

    2. Audi- a subsidiary of Volkswagen- operates worldwide. Android outside the US is a much bigger presence than within and Audi is not going to throw away such a huge market.

      As a shareholder in both VW (Audi’s parent) and Apple, this is a good thing. Their stuff already works well with iOS devices via Bluetooth or wired connections.

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