EU regulators to decide on Apple, Beats deal by July 30

“European Union antitrust regulators will decide by July 30 whether to clear Apple Inc’s $3 billion bid for music streaming and audio equipment company Beats, the European Commission said on Wednesday,” Reuters reports.

“The Commission can either clear the deal unconditionally or demand concessions if it sees competition issues,” Reuters reports. “It can also open an extensive investigation if it has deeper concerns.”

Full article here.


        1. No one extends its legal/political/commercial writ more than the US Government/Business, foreign companies can barely shut the toilet door in their own backyard without asking permission. Bit surprised mind that this deal would represent any sort of competition problems its mot like they overlap much.

          1. Exactly my thought; I was trying to think of what common business interests Apple and Beats have that could see the competition suits getting jumpy about, Beats have a streaming music service, and make headphones, neither of which Apple has.

            1. @ phasmaniacalwhatsoeveryouare. You’re accuracy is very exacting! Apple do not make earphones for the iPod, iPhone and or iPad and indeed do not have a music streaming service.

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