Google to unveil Apple TV-like set-top box today, sources say

“Google Inc. is to unveil a new television set-top box on Wednesday as it races Inc., Apple Inc. and others to control digital content in the home,” Rolfe Winkler reports for The Wall Street Journal. “During its developer conference Wednesday, the search giant plans to show off at least one small set-top box that resembles products like the Roku, Amazon’s Fire TV, and Apple’s Apple TV, according to two people who have seen the device.”

“Google’s device will carry another company’s brand, but will be powered by Google’s new Android TV software designed to play movies, games and other content on televisions, the people said,” Winkler reports. “Users will be able to control the box using Android smartphones or tablets, and potentially other devices. It isn’t clear if Google plans to design its own version of a set-top box running Android TV similar to its Nexus line of smartphones and tablets that are powered by Android. Each Android device presents another opportunity for Google to display ads, its primary way of generating revenue.”

“One key feature according to a developer who has been briefed on Google’s plans will be games that work seamlessly between mobile devices and televisions,” Winkler reports. “Android games and other apps built for TVs are also expected to take advantage of larger screens, for instance split-screen, multiplayer games will be offered according to a person who has seen one such game being developed.

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully it will prompt Apple to finally release an Apple TV SDK and open an Apple TV section in the App Store.


    1. The Apple TV SDK was made ages ago and is locked up in a cryo chamber awaiting the right moment to re-animate it.
      The patent applications were made years ago but have yet to be revealed because if they did so, other companies would gage the direction of the wind and alter their sails to catch it or to becalm Apple inc.
      Such is the state of play that is the iWatch.
      So you can conclude that Google have facsimiled Microsoft in the FUD department.

  1. This has been sitting on Apples lap for how long now? And Google is gonna be the first ones to stake a claim?????

    Control the TV w/your phone. DUH.

    Good job Apple. Nice.

  2. It seems the failure to secure content deals is holding up the release of a new Apple TV. If this third/fourth attempt at Google TV has secured content deals and is releasing a better than Netflix like experience their platform just became a lot more sticky. No content deals = just another me-too product.

  3. I agree with MDN. The update to Apple TV, with game Apps and a streaming video option is way over due. I was going to in vest in netflix at 100, but I was sure Apple was going to wipe them off the map early. Instead they waited too long, and Netflix is now well entrenched. And I missed a big profit. Now google beats them to games? WTF.

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