Apple HealthKit and HomeKit as major platform innovations

“The smartphone sector has set the pace in systemic innovation, changing not just the product but the way business is done,” Haydn Shaughnessy writes for Forbes. “Apple is taking the model a step further with Health Kit [sic] and Home Kit [sic]”

“Will Apple turn the tables on Google with a well curated, responsibly managed, user-centric data model as it deepens its services in health and home? Looks that way,” Shaughnessy writes. “But Health Kit and Home Kit could also be important extensions of what we understand by a business platform.”

“In place of a two-sided market Apple is proposing to coordinate a multiparty market that will include hospitals, insurers, family doctors, labs, devices, monitoring services, analytics and users. That makes the market more ecosystem-like and poses new degrees of complexity on designing the proposition, marketing it and coordinating multiple counter-parties,” Shaughnessy writes. “On the face of it Apple becomes more like ARM, the center of a complex web of business relationships.”

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  1. An Octopus comes to mind, Apple being the body and the apps that generate the data as arms attached to Apple. Apple then co-ordinates the info coming from the apps to cause the other arms to either compliment an arm or distance the body away from harm.

  2. Yep and that is why those idiots demanding instant action, instant gadgets and instant innovations are just so yesterday not understanding that for Apple to thrive they need to reassess and re arrange their priorities and goals rather than simply churning out new gadgets as if that is endlessly possible. These new ecosystems not only expand Apples reach into new and exciting areas and expands cooperation with numourous other companies to gain all the advantages of Windows and Android without surrendering almost anything of the walled garden and vertically stacked product ecosystem it perfected previously. Perhaps those critics ail understand how much effort and time it takes to create this complex core foundation so that it can offer the sort of plug in capabilities and overall functionality both to itself and to others.

    While the likes of Google and Microsoft even Samsung are trying to copt Apples system apple is attacking theirs but offering something potentially far better for other companies to partner with.

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