Apple TV software beta delivers iCloud Family Sharing and iCloud Photos features

“The latest beta software for the Apple TV brings one of iOS 8′s headline features to the (former) hobby device: iCloud Family Sharing,” Mike Beasley reports for 9to5Mac.

“While the feature isn’t yet functional, it’s expected that users will be able to log into one account and access purchased music and movies, shared photos, and more from other devices on the same family sharing account,” Beasley reports. “The new beta also brings support for the updated iCloud Photos feature, but, oddly enough, the old Photo Stream function was already called iCloud Photos on earlier versions of the Apple TV.”

Beasley reports, “We expect to see the new software hit everyone’s little black boxes in the fall.”

More info and screenshot in the full article here.

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  1. Already sold my Apple TV. I can’t run amazon prime or Xbmc on it so I can’t watch most content I want. Apple needs to get on the ball. The fire TV has voice search and doesn’t have to be jailbroken to run

        1. Speaking of asses. Your comment was perfectly valid without that remark.

          The reason Amazon Prime is not on ATV is most likely because Amazon does not want it on the competing device and has nothing to do with Apple not allowing it.

          1. Thanks Racer….it was unwarranted as i was just trying to offer a suggestion to people that were not aware that amazon prime now works with airplay…wasn’t always the case many months ago but people tend to hate on these boards.

            1. Yes I know but it’s not 1080p nor is it in surround sound. I have tried it and it works for the most part but not always.
              Plus I still can’t use Xbmc on my Apple TV. Xbmc is the program to have for cable cutters

  2. It is time Apple! Offer a Lightning connector and a 64-bit A7 chip in a NEW AppleTV. Offer a cable connector and Sight Cam for FaceTime on the TV using the Lightning connector. The cable companies could replace the old power hungry DVR box with an NEW AppleTV with a Lightning connector adapter and optional external storage option. I WOULD BUY MY OWN AppleTV JUST TO TRASH THAT OLD CRAP AND UPGRADE TO ALL THE NEW iOS FEATURES AND THOSE TO COME IN THE NEXT iOS UPGRADE!

    And let the app developers start supplying AppleTV apps with gaming hand controls.

    If you continue to hold back the AppleTV you will continue to limit that part of the Home Hub that Steve Jobs spoke about several years ago. Please explain why Apple continues to stifle the AppleTV year after year after year.

    1. While I hate android and amazon they have it right. A media box that plays Netflix and Xbmc and airplay and some of them I can inatall apps and play games and even emulators and play retro games. Apple TV is behind and apple should get on the move.

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