Apple’s OS X Yosemite and iOS 8: The feature list never ends

“Maybe it’s all due to the fact that Apple has relaxed the formerly severe developer NDA. Now, they are essentially free to talk about the new OS versions being tested, so long as they don’t post reviews or screenshots,” Gene Steinberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “Well, that hasn’t stopped some from posting screenshots anyway. Besides, some members of the media got copies to write about, so it’s not as if there’s much that will remain hidden.”

“So it’s not surprising that a whole lot of juicy tidbits have appeared since the WWDC keynote on June 2. At a time where you wondered how Apple might find another 200 new features or enhancements to tout, it appears that the list has soared way beyond that. I just wonder whether Apple will put an absolute number on them, or just let you add ’em all up for yourselves,” Steinberg writes. “I am particularly looking forward to the promised improvements in Mail, which had a shaky rollout in Mavericks, particularly for Gmail users. No, I don’t use Gmail all that much, since my email needs are fairly simple and are satisfied with other accounts. I do require great performance and reliability, and Mail for OS 10.9 could be better. During the WWDC, ahead of the introduction of the spiffy new features, there was that promise of improved performance. We’ll see, but I had to sign a PDF document the other day to conclude a business transaction, and I longed for Yosemite’s Markup.”

“Apple is listening,” Steinberg writes. “Indeed, the hallmark of some of the better features of Yosemite and iOS 8 is that they were done in response to the needs of developers and users. From being able to add the keyboard of your choice with iOS 8, to the ability to Handoff documents, messages and phone calls, it’s clear that a lot of thought went into virtually every aspect of the new operating systems.”

Much more in the full article here.


  1. Even more to the point, they have no idea what tech is about, they are the single most short-sighted people on the face of the planet. Nothing makes sense to them unless it is presented in the form of dollar signs, and they are incapable of inference. Once upon a time in our great land we would have frowned upon industries operating solely on the judgement of bean counters, or glorified versions of the same, precisely for their inability to see or extrapolate non-linear potential. Additionally, ‘profitable’ is no longer sufficient motivation, only, ‘massively, ridiculously profitable, and specifically for *me*’, will do. As they have so many times in the past, they will be eating their crow again in the future. 😉

    1. I would add not just profitability but short term profitability.
      Who cares about a ten year road map, how much did you make this quarter? How much will you make next quarter?

    2. I’d respond to you, but considering that what you have written, if in reference to Apple, is simply nonsense because what company doesn’t do what they do to optimize profit for themselves.

      The question is: Does Apple do what they do well, and do their products bring many people joy (‘joy,’ while relative, can be found in the way apple product look; simple in terms of look, powerful in terms of ability) to the people that use them?

      If so, as they do for me, I have to ask: What are you talking about?

  2. Thanks James / Jim / Joe reinforcing my disdain for illogical schmucks who hate Apple for being a success.

    And, for either being unwilling to admit, or too stupid to realize that Samsung, Google and all the other also-rans have gotten where they are by riding the coattails of Steve Jobs, Tim Cook and company.

    And now I’m sure Derek has a comment about my being an anonymous coward.

  3. I have to note that it is fairly widely known that Mail’s problem with G-mail is not Apple’s fault. Google’s IMAP protocol is not exactly per the standard. It’s Google’s non-standard IMAP that has caused the problems. Apple, at this time, isn’t going to jump through hoops to get G-Mail to work on Mac’s.

  4. Yeah, the list never ends but they still can’t provide some basic functionality that not only is basic, but have been around from competitors for years.

    One… how about an fn’g flashing light when I have missed a call or have a message instead of me having to check my phone every time I walk away for a minute.

    Second… the parentally controls on IOS suck, pure and simple. I have to keep track of aggregated time my child uses the iPad, his iPod touch and our mac to make sure he doesn’t exceed his allotted time each day. Apple surely thinks “We don’t want restrictions on the iPad, we want to ensure the kids become addicted”. Well, their strategy is backfiring because I’m tired of keeping track of it all so my kid no longer gets access to devices without parental controls and time restrictions. His iPod is only for music, apps and wifi wiped out. He is no longer allowed to use the iPad. Nice job Apple. Love your products but sometimes you look like to just got into this business.

    1. “… I have to keep track of aggregated time my child uses the iPad, his iPod touch and our mac to make sure he doesn’t exceed his allotted time each day …”

      What? You have to actually do some parenting? Make sure your child is not using the iPad or other i-thing too much? What about making sure he does his chores before all the Apple stuff? Take control of your child (maybe a book here?) instead of making Apple do it? Whats the matter, your personal time too valuable to watch your kid?

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