One thing everyone missed at WWDC

“While Apple was busy last week wooing developers and consumers alike at the Worldwide Developers Conference with substantial updates to its popular iOS and Mac OS operating systems, many seemed to miss the Tizen Developer Conference happening just down the street,” Ashraf Eassa writes for The Motley Fool.

“Tizen is an open source operating system that lives within the Linux Foundation and is led by a technical steering group consisting of smartphone heavyweight, Samsung, chip giant Intel, and a number of others,” Eassa writes. “The questions on everybody’s minds are whether Samsung will make a real push to bring this to market and, if it does, whether it will be successful.”

“Right off the bat, Tizen has a limited app selection, one announced smartphone (launching in the third quarter of 2014 in Russia), and lead backers (Samsung and Intel) that both have substantial investments in developing Android. Oh, and apparently Intel didn’t even win the applications processor slot for this device. Not exactly a recipe for overnight success,” Eassa writes. “This is likely an emerging market/low-cost device play. Given that the midrange to high end of the market more or less belongs to Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS, and given the fairly substantial investments those companies have made in their ecosystems, Tizen is likely a nonstarter in more mature markets and, more generally, at the high end of the smartphone space. However, for markets in which the feature phone to smartphone transition hasn’t really hit in full force yet, and for markets that are very cost sensitive, Tizen still has a chance.”

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    1. Exactly, if it is so up against it to make any impact, as the writer concludes, in what way was anything of note actually missed and certainly not missed at WWDC where it was an irrelavance anyway. Sounds like a story so irrelevant indeed it had to be hung off of a WWDC hook to anyone read it at all.

  1. I’m waiting for the morons in media to proclaim iOS is on its deathbed because Tizen’s market share starts rising quicker than that of iOS (ignoring that all numbers are from low-end sales).

  2. Prediction: Tizen won’t succeed as success won’t be defined by “the OS.”

    The cell phone “market” is for people who want to accomplish “things” with other people, companies and functions. It has switched from just first cost or just phoning people. Now, getting “things” done means being able to pick what you want to do and keep and these “things” organized EASILY.

    Cell phones are about the connectivity with all “things”

    The so called “iWatch” is just the first downsized device which will likely be low priced, but it won’t be the last. Apple will continue to innovate in ways we haven’t thought of yet.

    Once you get a usable interface and smaller components we may see smaller iPhones, for people who don’t want to view “documents” on a cell phone. Times change.

    1. I don’t think we’re going to see smaller mobile phones, at least not until some other type of interface is created that does not involve a touch screen. Smartphones have only gotten larger since the iPhone was introduced, and until Apple comes up with a 3D holographic display, I don’t see smartphones getting smaller. First we’ll probably have intermediary devices like the iWatch, which will allow some input via touch/speech, but until a brand new UI and interaction interface is developed, smartphones will not get smaller (thinner maybe).

  3. “Given that the midrange to high end of the market more or less belongs to Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS”

    Let me add the word “respectively” to that statement to make it more accurate. Most Android devices are what would properly be called feature phones rather than smart phones. Having Android installed does not automatically make it either smart or high end.

    1. Let me add another response to that quote from the article…

      I’d argue that the midrange and high end of the market belongs to Apple and SAMSUNG (not Google’s Android).

      People don’t care about Android or Google, people who buy Samsung do so for the brand. Samsung spends a ton of money on advertising – and they never mention “Android”.

      1. I’m pretty sure people are buying Samsung because that is what they see on TV. It’s further pushed on them in the store and they are very well subsidized.

  4. In related story: Oscar Meyer and some pig farmers are working on genetically mutated pigs. The pigs are small enough to fit into a large smart phone housing with typical support electronics. The are said to be a cheap alternative to iOS’s Siri in that they can also randomly issue commands to a smart phone for 1/10 of the price of an iPhone. Twitter users will also see cost savings as the pigs have the inane ability to simulate the tweets of all tabloid celebrities. Keeping data fees down.

  5. I must be missing something here, cause I see it like this:

    Objective: OS for low end smart phone / emerging markets.

    Option 1: Use Android. Free.

    Option 2: Invest lots of time & money developing Tizen, with fewer features and apps; no track record for success.

    The author suggests the answer lies behind door #2 ???

    1. I think Samsung is developing Tizen as a hedge against Google someday deciding to pull the plug on Android. My understanding is Tizen can run Android apps with a little tweaking, but that may be Samsung’s bright and cheery (and not so true) PR machine spouting off again.

      1. Wouldn’t that be awesome… Since Google pretty much ripped off Sun for their Dalvik (Java) RTE, Samsung turned around and stole Dalvik from Google and used it in Tizen. LOL

  6. The whole reason for Tizen is to beat IOS and Android, not to make something great for the public. At this late date, that’s no reason to bring a new platform to market. (see Windows phone)

  7. Gosh, jouranalism just keeps further and further removed from the English language. Let’s see here.

    The lie, uh headline: “1 Thing Everyone Missed at WWDC”

    The lie, uh first sentence: “many seemed to miss the Tizen Developer Conference happening just down the street.”

    – A double whammy, first everyone missed it, then many missed it, the Tizen Developer Conference. Heck that wasn’t even at the WWDC so this was nothing to be missed at the WWDC. There goes any purported logic on behalf of Ashraf Eassa.

    A fact: The Tizen Developer Conference

    The blah blah blah: It isn’t even about Apple, oh but put Apple in the headline, that’s a hit whore alert.

    The add: “To be one of them, and see Apple’s newest smart gizmo, just click here!”

    Yeah put that right beside the “Are you stupid pay your taxes here” sigh.

    The disclaimer: “Ashraf Eassa owns shares of Intel.”

    That explains a lot.

    What a buffoon.

  8. I don’t see a lot of room for yet another mobile phone platform, but with Samsung behind it, it may attract some interest from developers and Linux fans. I guess it depends on if Samsung decides to put it on its flagship devices.

  9. They are trying to become Apple.
    They want to control the whole thing, software and hardware.
    Relying on google, who is focused on their control of the market, is not smart.

    Considering what Samsung has done to Android with the touch wiz interface, this is a disaster in the making.

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