Yet more iOS 8 secrets Apple isn’t talking about

“Apple didn’t tell us all its iOS 8 plans at WWDC,” Jonny Evans reports for Computerworld. “Since the stage went dark, we’ve learned of other enhancements it’s working on — some highlights include…”

• Customizable Control Center
• Customize fonts, text colors and highlights
• Privacy controls
• Split-screen view
• Find your car
• Mass transit Maps
• New Apps (TextEdit, Preview, iTunes Radio?)
• New keyboard
• Song ID
• Weather (data from Weather Channel, used to be Yahoo)
• Notes
• Recover deleted images

Read more in the full article here.


      1. Of course correct Dave. But the point is that Apple is not BROADCASTING your MAC address to every single router in the area, ‘Hey look at me! Steal my MAC address!’

        Theoretically, ALL connections to routers should be 100% secure. It’s so easy to connect securely to routers these days, it’s worth scolding whoever is running an OPEN router. Not acceptable if you’re a business. Kind of stupid if you’re a newbie or just another LUSER. Lock it up kids.

    1. No, it would violate the rules (and disconnect you from the router) only if the MAC address changes after a device has established a connection to a router. The MAC address is only needed for the router to know where to send/receive info. When scanning for an initial connection, this obviously isn’t needed, and the MAC can be anything it wants to be.

      This will mess up some airport wifi hotspots which restrict a device (based on MAC) to X minutes before asking for money, but for regular users that’s obviously a pro, not a con.

      1. You can tell I haven’t done a lot of airports lately when I ask:

        What STINKING airports ask you to pay for Wi-Fi time? Ludicrous, gouging cheapskates. They’re BEGGING for some hacker to crack their router and PWN it. I’d gladly oblige.

        1. I don’t remember, I flew through them a few years ago so things may have changed, too. At the time they weren’t airport-run wifi but sponsored and run by a third party, and the airport no doubt got a cut of the revenue. There were prominent signs around the airport saying what the hotspot name was, so it wasn’t a scam hotspot hoping to get your credit card info or anything.

      2. It shouldn’t cause any issue at airports (or other locations that time-limit). In these situations, routers log the time usage by MAC address. It doesn’t matter if someone disconnects and reconnects, if it’s the same MAC address, it will show 1 hour of usage (or whatever) and when the time is up, it will say that they have to pay. Since the connecting MAC address is always the same, it won’t matter, it will log its time being connected.

      3. It won’t mess up wifi hotspots and the like. It only spoofs the address when searching for unknown networks. Once it actually tries to connect it uses its real MAC address, and that will be the address the hotspot (or anything else) authenticates.

    2. Who voted down ‘PC Apologist’? He’s entirely correct.

      On the other hand, faking MAC addresses is old news AND Apple is once again defending its title as providers of the single safest OS on the planet.

      …Yeah, I know. Pride before a fall.. But Apple has the right to brag if they’re serious about security, and they mostly are, just not perfectly are, as I occasionally point out.

      Now if only Apple would give their documentation team a swift kick up the…

  1. “Customizable Control Center”

    Saw the linked screenshots for this, some parts look raw (expected), but I hope we see this.

    First thing I’d do is remove the Airplane mode toggle, so a thief can’t disable Find My iPhone that quickly. That toggle never should have been an option on the lockscreen control center, not without triggering a password prompt (same with powering down the phone)

  2. I’ll shut up after this one last comment:

    Developers claim to have discovered the capacity for a split-screen view in iOS 8. That shouldn’t be too surprising when you think about the new Mail feature which lets you work in other apps in split screen view. Apple showed it, it just didn’t tell us everything about it.

    What he’s talking about regarding iOS 8 Mail is a bit different from what ‘split screen view’ ACTUALLY means. There’s more. And that’ all I’ll say about it.

  3. The enhancements outlined are excellent. Here are a few more that have been milling around my noodle over the past year or so. There already might be solutions to these ideas, so bare with me. Here is a short wish list:

    1) An organizational structure is needed for notes like topics, sub-topics, etc.

    2) The bookmarking needs improvement. It is a multiple step process to create a bookmark. First, a topic has to be found which is a huge pain in the ass because there are a lot of topics and sub-topics to look through. If a topic is not found then a topic needs to be created, which again is a pain because the topic or sub-topic has to be located. After creating the topic the topic again needs to be located when bookmarking the page. Every time I need to bookmark in iOS my butthole puckers-up. It’s not pleasant. A possible solution – collapsible bookmark topics?

    A further enhancement I would like to see is the ability to add a reminder to a bookmark. This reminder thingy will remind me to follow-up on an article, plus give me the possibility to jot down a note or two. Maybe with iOS 8 someone will write a killer bookmark add-on.

    1. That information has been shown to be stored in the rear end. When you give up and go sit back down, as soon as your butt hits the chair you’ll remember what you had intended.

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