Senator Rand Paul could push Apple shares past $100

“Investors in Apple (AAPL) and other technology companies like Google (GOOG) (GOOGL), Cisco (CSCO), and Qualcomm (QCOM) are well aware these companies are very cash rich,” Seeking Profits writes for Seeking Alpha. “However, a lot of their money is offshore to minimize their effective tax rate. Under U.S. law, repatriating this money is very expensive with a tax rate of 35%. As a consequence, this money is effectively trapped overseas and cannot be used to buy back shares or pay down debt. This is why companies like Apple and Cisco are borrowing to fund their capital returns despite having a gross cash position of $150 billion and $50 billion respectively.”

“These technology companies would love nothing more than to be able to return cash to the U.S. without paying such a prohibitive tax rate. This money could be used to fund capital returns, investments, and domestic acquisitions, all of which could be good for current shareholders,” Seeking Profits writes. “It now appears that there is a significant probability of a repatriation tax holiday, which would make it possible to return money to the U.S. This could be a catalyst to move tech stocks like Apple even higher.”

“On Tuesday, Republican Senator Rand Paul said on CNBC he was finalizing a deal with Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid on a tax holiday that would see the rate fall below 10% for three years,” Seeking Profits writes. “Typically, Republicans have been supportive of a holiday while Democrats have opposed one. However, there is reason to believe Paul and Reid can actually reach a deal. With this bipartisan coalition of very powerful senators, final passage in the Senate and House would be all but assured. Deadlines often spur action, and the U.S. faces a serious cliff this summer that could spur such a deal.”

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“‘I think this is a win-win situation. Lower tax and bring in more revenue,’ Paul said on “Squawk Alley,” Drew Sandholm reports for CNBC. “He also said the tax holiday would wrap into the transportation bill, thereby allocating the increased revenue toward building new roads and bridges.”

“At this point, talks are being held up by some on Capitol Hill who have the ‘traditional Washington mentality’ of either doing a big tax reform bill or nothing at all, Paul complained,” Sandholm reports. “‘For the four years I’ve been here, we’ve gotten nothing. I say break this baby up into small pieces. Do this on the transportation bill in the next three weeks, and we’ll do something that Republicans and Democrats both like: Lower a tax, bring in more revenue and build more roads,’ he said.”

More info and video in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The U.S. corporate tax rate is way too high. Obviously.

Under the current U.S. corporate tax system, it would be very expensive to repatriate that cash. Unfortunately, the tax code has not kept up with the digital age. The tax system handicaps American corporations in relation to our foreign competitors who don’t have such constraints on the free flow of capital… Apple has always believed in the simple, not the complex. You can see it in our products and the way we conduct ourselves. It is in this spirit that we recommend a dramatic simplification of the corporate tax code. This reform should be revenue neutral, eliminate all corporate tax expenditures, lower corporate income tax rates and implement a reasonable tax on foreign earnings that allows the free flow of capital back to the U.S. We make this recommendation with our eyes wide open, realizing this would likely increase Apple’s U.S. taxes. But we strongly believe such comprehensive reform would be fair to all taxpayers, would keep America globally competitive and would promote U.S. economic growth.Apple CEO Tim Cook, May 21, 2013

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  1. I’m sure the sudden influx of money during this so called holiday won’t cause any problems at all, as opposed to a well thought out and permanent tax system.

    1. ““On Tuesday, Republican Senator Rand Paul said on CNBC he was finalizing a deal with Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid on a tax holiday….”
      It looks to me like both sides are working on a tax holiday. Did I miss read?

  2. “This is why companies like Apple and Cisco are borrowing to fund their capital returns despite having a gross cash position of $150 billion and $50 billion respectively.”

    That’s not entirely true. Apple can probably make more money from their cash in the US than the equivalent amount of debt would cost them over the same term. So it is not clear that simply having cash in the US would drastically change their approach.

    1. How do you figure that? In what way could they make more from excess cash than the cost of borrowing? You realize that if that’s true then they should *already* be doing that by borrowing money and earning that difference. What is the secret method you have in mind?

      1. I am not a tax expert but I see a loophole here. Why can’t AAPL borrow money to use in the U.S. and then pay off that loan with money from overseas? Cost == $0.

        With regards to borrowing money to make more than using one’s cash: I do it all the time. I have enough to pay off home mortgage but instead refinanced to get a low interest rate and use the money I have to earn a higher return in another investment. The risks depends on a lot of factors but sometimes it makes sense to do that and it works.

        1. The catch is that money borrowed here has to be paid back with money HERE. . . and bringing money back HERE to pay off the loans triggers the 35% tax. The only way your idea would work is if the lender is willing to accept payment where the money is. . . and I suspect that the IRS would look on that as a tax EVASION scheme and therefore illegal. . . or, alternately, in an attempt at keeping it legal, paying a domestic loan off with foreign funds would be treated as a taxable event, because the loan proceeds were received here. . . Effectively transferring the funds from overseas accounts here.

  3. Meanwhile, Obama has proposed a “profit holiday” of three years during which all corporate profits would go to the Federal Treasury to help with Obama’s initiatives to 1) secure the border, 2) improve health care while allowing all to keep their plan and their doctor, and 3) beef up security at the Libyan Embassy.

    Once these things are done, Obama will consider an end to the Profit Holiday and allow corporations to keep 10% of their profits.

    1. Oblahblah should take some of the millions his wife blows on lavish vacations around the world and use it to secure the border.

      Of course, Obama wants the borders wide open because he knows he’s about to lose the Senate. He’s flooding illegals in here — and opposing voter registration laws vehemently — in order to get more food stamp-dependent Dem/Lib/Prog voters in place for November, the effects to the country be damned.

      We don’t have enough jobs as it is. The USA need fewer people, of high quality, not more uneducated, helpless, system-taxing takers.

        1. Actually the “low information voter” is the one who believed 1) Obama would provide a cheaper better health care system where you “can keep your plan and your doctor”, and 2) Obama would “reduce the deficit” and 3) Obama would make the world respect America more, 4) Obama would conduct “the most transparent administration ever”, 5) Obama would “lower the level of the oceans”. Obama was honest when he said he would put the coal industry (a perfectly good and necessary industry) out of business through EPA regulations. He is doing that as we speak.

          The level of ignorance among those who voted for Obama, expecting him to provide a utopia on earth, is breathtaking. Chris Stephens, the gay Ambassador to Libya, an ardent Democrat, certainly believed Obama would provide him security in the most dangerous part of the world on 9-11, the day everyone expected attacks. Chris Stephens was a “low information” bureaucrat who was raped and dragged through the streets of Benghazi because he had “confidence” in what Obama was doing.

            1. The problem with your comment are these facts are being reported on other networks, not just fox. Your comment shows how “low information” you are.

            2. Somehow your pathetic response failed to address the lies of Obama that I listed. Another big one – “I did all I can to save the lives of the Americans in Libya”. In fact he issued the order to the military to “stand down”. You voted for a sociopathic liar. Somehow the hope and change is looking pretty much like shit.

            3. Like I said, your brain doesn’t work anymore. You think you could have done any better in Libya? Do you even know anything about Libya?

            4. So you voted for the lowest IQ lowest GPA President in history, twice, and I and I don’t have a brain?

              A chimp with morals could have done better in Libya. The chimp would not have “disappeared” for the entire duration of the attack. A chimp would have ordered the strongest military in the world to do all it could to save those who had been denied basic security despite six months of requests by Ambassador Stevens. A chimp would not have spent the critical 24 hours after the attack developing a lie to be repeated endlessly to the public. A chimp would not have jailed an innocent film maker for over a year to support the lie. You are so devoid of any actual information about Obama’s total dereliction in Libya you have to be a registered Democrat who gets his news from Comedy Central.

            5. Consider this: if voter turnout numbers reflected cable news viewership numbers – a Democrat would not have been elected the last ten years.

            6. Consider this – if voters in all states had to present valid IDs with photos, like drivers licenses, to vote, no Democrat would be elected to the Presidency again.

          1. Speaking of “low information,” you apparently believed without question the wild stories about what happened to Ambassador Chris Stevens. The reality is that many reports are that people in Benghazi actually pulled Stevens out of the burning building and rushed him to the hospital. Of course, if you see Middle Eastern men carrying a white man who is injured and YOU are a racist, you will assume they are going to do something terrible to him. It never crosses your mind that they might be trying to help him, because you think of them as animals.
            Here’s the review of the accusations: they say it is undetermined what those picture show, but describe explanations that fit better with the photos and video and indicate that people were trying to rescue him.

            1. Typical leftist lies. Stevens asked for increased security for six months. The Obama administration denied these every time. Even reduced the security. There was no serious security on hand on 9-11 when even a moron Democrat might expect trouble in the Middle East. None. Except the guys who disobeyed orders from Washington and went to help. They were killed when no help was sent by Obama. You are so fucking clueless you deserve to live in Libya. Your President ordered nothing be done, then went to get a blow job from Reggie Love. No action was taken even though the military wanted to.

      1. Don’t forget about that new crop of 12 year old illegal voters that are warehoused in Arizona. They’re kids but the GOP doesn’t seem to care on account they aren’t white or Christian.

          1. Right, save tax paper dollars any way so that the wealthy can have it instead. You believe the immigration issue is solely a border issue and nothing more. You are clueless. You are also heartless.

            Latin kids crossing frontiers alone with little water and food, yawn.

            Syrian children gassed to death in Syria by the hundreds, yawn.

            After all, they’re not our kind.

            Have a married Muslim woman convert to Christianity and have her sentenced to death for doing so, load the B-1 bomber boys, we’re going to war.

            1. Ask yourself “why are these children being sent across the boarder by their parents’ now? What, or who, triggered this mass childrens’ march?” Looking through the microscope to find the answer, I find Obama looking back.

            2. Yes, it is the face of evil. Obama is using children to advance his destruction of America. Some will die, some will get diseases, but Obama will get the crisis he wants to expand his power. Funny how often “crisis” shows up with Obama in charge.

      1. You are the racist who supports the current White President who is doing all he can to destroy the lives of urban blacks who now have higher unemployment and completely hopeless lives in the urban hellholes he and Valerie Jarrett have created in their slumlord hells. I am opposed to this White Racist president

      2. Please provide statistical evidence for your assertion. . . and your assertion George Bush rented his ranch. Looks to me that you are the liar.

  4. Well, he won’t get any help from Eric Cantor in the House, that’s for sure. 🙂

    Bye-bye, Eric, you RINO failure.

    • The free enterprise system is the most productive supplier of human needs and economic justice.
    • All individuals are entitled to equal rights, justice, and opportunities and should assume their responsibilities as citizens in a free society.
    • Fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints must be exercised at all levels of government.
    • The Federal Government must preserve individual liberty by observing Constitutional limitations.
    • Peace is best preserved through a strong national defense.
    • Faith in God, as recognized by our Founding Fathers is essential to the moral fiber of the Nation.
    • Secure our borders, enforce current laws, and restore an orderly and fair process to allow law abiding individuals to work towards becoming citizens of this great nation.
    • The federal government has grown far too large. Our Founders envisioned a nation in which the federal government’s powers were explicitly listed and limited. Enforce the 10th Amendment and get the federal government out of the way of economic growth.

    1. “Faith in God, as recognized by our Founding Fathers is essential to the moral fiber of the Nation.”

      God you say. Does this God condemn people for their race, religion or politics or is it just corrupt followers? And as for our founding fathers who many owned slaves, how do you tie that into out supposed Christian nation?

      1. “Faith In God” does not mean “Christian”. A little logic applied to all of the mono-theistic religions would tell you that:

        All of the various Christian denominations believe in one God.
        All of the various Muslim denominations believe in one God
        All of the various Jewish denominations believe in one God
        All of the above believe in the same God, the God of Abraham
        All of the other monotheistic religions (Abrahamic and non-Abrahamic) believe in one God.

        Logic would imply that, if there is only one God, then it is the followers who differ in their beliefs. So if there is corruption in belief, it is from the followers, not God.

        There are also poly-theistic religions. Their “Faith in God” is represented through multiple Gods.

        All religions provide a basis for morality, whether or not it has been corrupted by certain followers is another issue.

        For those that do not believe in God, their basis for morality is in the law … which most likely was created by believers, so, even if they would deny, there is the influence of God on creating their moral fiber.

        1. “For those that do not believe in God, their basis for morality is in the law … which most likely was created by believers, so, even if they would deny, there is the influence of God on creating their moral fiber.”

          Actually, it would be the influence of their “belief” in God.

        2. It is the Christians that condemn, ridicule and rob the poor, elderly and the meek while praising the rich under God’s name. All the while doing so under the cloak of politics at the fed and local level. It is a choice, they freely make. To question them, is to criticize Christianity itself, but not God..

      2. Look, we know you despise America. We know you despise the Founders, who created the system that produced the most successful and the most free country in history. Their system included the ultimate destruction of slavery, which existed when they were born and they did not create. America, which you hate, had a civil war to end slavery, which the Republican Party sought to end but the Democrats wanted to protect.

        So, you hate America. You hate the Founders and the Constitution they created. And you hate God.

        Pretty much hate for a guy with a COEXIST bumper sticker.

        1. Which America do I hate?

          A. The America were the few own and control the most.

          B. The America where those in power use hatred and religion to control people through their fears.

          C. The America where politicians make it difficult for a certain groups of their own constituents to vote.

          D. The America where after 40 years of working a large number of people only have SS and MC to sustain them.

          E. All of the above.

          (hint: it’s E)

          Whether you called them democrats then, or the GOP today, hatred never changes, However, people do change and grow. It’s not the ’60’s or the 19th century, it’s 2014.

          1. You hate the America that made Apple possible through capital markets, private property, free enterprise and rule of law. You hate the Americans who created the Constitution the finest document for government moral men ever created. You hate the America that is good. What do you like? You like Cuba. You think it is a great model of how people should be governed. Also you like Venezuela and Hugo Chavez. You have a Che t-shirt that you wear to bed every night. You like Mao and communist China. You like all of Al Gore’s weather gloom and doom but you drive a car and fly on planes and use a whole lot of electricity. You think the government should dictate to us what to eat and how our health care should be arranged and almost every detail of living. You think everyday people are too stupid to make decision and cannot be free to do so. You think that they need to be told every detail of how to live.

            In short, you are an idiot.

            1. You offer no points; repeating the word hate and comparisons to dictators and personal attack are not. You wish for a 19th to early 20th century model of the US. It was the laws imposed by the fed govt that gave the freedom we have today. If not for that, then yes the US would have ended up being like many central and south American countries only difference we would speak English.

  5. “MacDailyNews Take: The U.S. corporate tax rate is way too high. Obviously.”

    You are welcomed to move to another country. However, I doubt you will find the same freedom, consumer market and opportunity as you have in the US.

    1. Trotting out the standard “take it or leave it” false dichotomy is pointless. Do you handle your personal relationships the same way? If anybody voices any unhappiness do you show them the door or do you try to work things out?

      1. No, it’s quite simple. America has more millionaires and billionaires then the rest of the world combined. America has the richest consumer market in the world.

        It is your false dichotomy where lower taxes equates to wealth and growth of a business. Its not, its sales which comes from consumers with enough expendable cash that comes a jobs that pays a living wage.

        To the point, Apple and other companies have amass enormous fortunes overseas basically on the backs of what is little better than modern day slaves working and living in terrible conditions.

  6. “For the four years I’ve been here, we’ve gotten nothing. I say break this baby up into small pieces”
    Keeping things small is how things are *supposed* to work, but for years both sides have been attaching all sorts of stupid unrelated crap in riders until the original bills are monsters of “compromise” that often have nothing to do with the title of the bill.

    1. exactly. the headline rate is just a meaningless stat people who dont understand tax say.

      i personally believe they should give a credit for taxed paid overseas, notwithstanding different tax regimes.

      1. Individual Americans who live and work in other countries are stalked by American revenuers trying to get full American income tax even though the expat Americans have paid full income taxes in the countries they live in.

        It’s getting so bad that American expats are working on foreign citizenship instead of paying twice as much income tax as other Americans.

      2. “Imagine being Apple. When the company tallied up its 2012 income tax bill the total came to $14.2 billion. After accounting for taxes paid overseas, Apple says it forked over $6 billion in cash to the United States Treasury. That constitutes $1 out of every $40 that Uncle Sam collected from corporations last year — or enough to buy about 10 million iPhones.

        Thanks to all its iPhone and iPad sales, Apple jumped this year to third place on our ranking of the 25 Biggest Corporate Taxpayers. It was ninth last year.

        With great success comes great big tax bills — but it could be a while before Apple gets to No. 1 on this list. That slot is held by ExxonMobil, with a total tax bill of $31 billion, followed by Chevron, at $20 billion. And yet because so much more of Big Oil’s income taxes are due to the world’s far-flung oil kingdoms rather than to the U.S. Treasury, Apple actually paid more to Uncle Sam than they did.”

    2. Excuse me. These are already earned dollars. Every expense and deduction possible has been booked on them where they were earned. The proper income taxes to the local and national governments where they were earned have already been paid. There is no further accounting method available to reduce the marginal tax rate on this money when it is brought into the USA. When this money is brought back, according to our current tax code, the full marginal 35% rate WILL be applied.

      There are ONLY TWO countries in the world that tax foreign income that has already been taxed. . . Eritrea and the United States. All of the rest allow the free flow of capital. The Democrats in Congress want a piece of every pie! This is an extremely stupid law that only hurts our economy. The jackasses are the party that use it as their mascot!

  7. Harry Reid and Rand Paul agreeing on a issue–that’s not possible. They don’t even agree on which direction the sun will rise from.

    I suspect the Ds are just giving Rand Paul a victory that will help him in the R primaries. The Ds probably think Hillary will have the easier time beating Rand Paul in 2016 than some other potential R candidates.

    I think (and hope) the Ds will be rudely surprised. Rand Paul ain’t like the other Rs–and that’s a good thing.

  8. “Typically, Republicans have been supportive of a holiday while Democrats have opposed one.”

    JFK delivered spirited speeches and the Dem party at the time believed in the importance of lowering tax rates to get the economy moving. Reagan applied some of the same principles to much success.

    History reveals the modern leadership takeover of the the Dem party by progressives — throttled the party to the far left — away from the party of the people.

    Today it is the government party of SELECT people that worship their beliefs. For example: unions, abortionists, blacks, gays, illegals, agnostics, vegetarians, artists, and so forth. Not all members of these groups however, but a majority over 50%. Certainly, we are free to follow our personal beliefs.

    Finally, RP offers positive hope for change in Washington!

    Next up, simply the U.S. tax code for every living and recently deceased citizen (estate/death tax).

    Remember folks, every tax hike whether at the municipal, county, state or federal level — is a PAY CUT.

    1. Elizabeth Warren – she is the Senator who got her Professor job at Harvard by claiming she was an American Indian. She got rich off this lie. Like Harry Reid got rich off illegal land deals. And how the Clinton’s built wealth of $200 to $400 million dollars doing public service.

  9. Hey everybody! I have an idea to make us all be friends here again. Even though we have opposing political beliefs, we can all (except the trolls) agree that we’re fans of Apple. So let’s gather for a group hug, eh?

  10. “Typically, Republicans have been supportive of a holiday while Democrats have opposed one. However, there is reason to believe Paul and Reid can actually reach a deal.”

    The answer here is COMPROMISE. If I recall correctly – in the past Republicans wanted Holiday of NO tax or at an extremely low rate. Dems were opposed to that. But with a compromise in HIGH single digits rate, then we can get it through. Problem was, Republicans did not want to compromise.

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