Watch Apple CEO Tim Cook’s live testimony before U.S. Senate, starting at 9:30am EDT

Apple CEO Tim Cook goes before a Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations to testify on Apple’s offshore tax practices.

The hearing will also feature two additional panels with treasury department officials and tax law academics. While watching the anticipated theatrics of the generally shameless politicians, keep in mind that the U.S. Senate investigation found no evidence that Apple did anything illegal in avoiding taxes.

According to The Associated Press, the subcommittee’s inquiry and hearing are intended to shine a light on “offshore tax-avoidance tactics” by Apple, Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich said at a news conference Monday with Sen. John McCain of Arizona, the panel’s senior Republican. Companies’ use of such loopholes has the effect of raising the taxes of ordinary Americans and increasing the federal deficit, he said.

MacDailyNews Take: “Don’t look at the profligate federal spending for which I and my colleagues are responsible, of course. Look over here, instead.”

C-SPAN will carry the coverage live online and on their broadcast channels today:

Broadcast Airings:
May 21 at 9:30 AM – C-SPAN11 (4 hr, 30 min)
May 21 at 10:35 AM – C-SPAN (1 hr, 25 min)

C-SPAN: U.S. Senate hearings on Apple Inc. tax practices

The hearing is scheduled to begin at 9:30am EDT here.

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    1. Are you watching these idiot congressmen???? They want money that is NOT US RELATED… They WANT to get more capital so they can get re-voted into office.

      Other than that, its all BULL Sh*t. OMG they just cannot get off the fact that sales made in Europe are TAXED in Europe. Let it go. !!!!!! Maybe Apple should move all operations to Europe and pay NO taxes to USA.

      Or maybe we need to consider electing intelligent people to congress. I am so ashamed of these government people. And I am glad that I did not vote for any of them.

      Sad…. so Sad. PS, McCain is bitching about the ease of uploading Apple Apps…. he doesn’t even understand that its the App developers that are updating….. 🙁

  1. See the Senators and their feigned outrage, mock disdain, and faux concern!

    As they grill a man worth more than all of them combined – in more ways than one.

    Let the dog & pony show begin!

  2. Apple is an international organization. It isn’t “tax-avoidance” for earned funds outside the USSA to be used to employ others outside the USSA and to pay taxes to the countries they are earned in.

    This is a myopic vision by greedy District of Criminal power grabbers.

    1. These people are idiots. They don’t even understand what they are talking about. Apple hasn’t avoided 1 cent in US tax, it has simply deferred paying them, the same way you defer paying taxes on the 401K “profits” for years and years.

      1. … idiots. Tax laws are such that even those who LIVE off that knowledge do not often fully understand it.
        Apple IS avoiding tax payments. Legally, but avoiding none the less. The rules are meant to be used. The governments in question hope to take profitable advantage of the rules but it is legal for tax payers to do the same.

  3. Wish Steve was alive, he’d rip them all a new one. One swipe of the Jobsian Light Saber and it would be over.

    Hope Tim stays cool and puts them in their place as best he can. I hate those bastages.

  4. OMG: “[Apple] is responsible for kids not having Head Start available to them.. for the budget deficit…” Senator Levine is claiming that Congress bases the budget on taxes that companies ought to pay. Wow. I hope editorial writers all over the country call him on that.

  5. There is no box to pay additional taxes than what one owes, either personal or corporate. Tax “loopholes” are tax law, meant to determine what should be considered taxable income. Knowingly failing to use a so called “loophole” could be considered illegal because it would require submitting a false tax document. As long as Apple has not broken the law, which appears to be the case, congress is to blame. Every loophole that exists is due to some politician that was fishing for a vote.

  6. Time to dig into the congressional record and see how Senator Levine and Senator McCain voted on this tax code issues they’re not saying Apple took advantage of.

    1. … Sen. Johnson is painfully under-informed as to matters of finance. Do they not sell stocks in Wisconsin? Does he not understand there are many, MANY, millions of shares of AAPL outstanding? OK … close to a Billion.

    2. … Sen Levin needs – and is getting – an education on the ploys Apple uses to save on tax-expense. Not a Good Sign, yeah? How about Sen McCain, though. His questions indicate a) he is not well informed on the tax rules, and, b) he didn’t understand the previous testimony. The latter is scary!

    3. … understand that cutting the rate to repatriate Apple’s ex-patriot cash is – in effect – RAISING taxes? I know, the logic is convoluted. Just thought I’d point the strangeness out. 😉

    4. Where do we go to set up a committee to grill these Senators on their malfeasance regarding their management of the tax codes? They should be looking in a mirror rather than at Tim Cook.

  7. McCain is pissed because Apple didn’t put any money into HIS coffer! He should have put his wife’s money into Apple stock and maybe he would be quiet. Wait, he’s a professional politician – not going to happen.

    He’s been at the government teat too long.

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