Credible images of Apple’s iPhone 6 leak online

Ben Thompson (‏@monkbent), founder and author of, has reposted images from Sina Weibo user Jimmy Lin, a 90s-era Taiwanese pop star, who also had pre-release iPhone 5 images last year.

Thompson has worked at Apple, Microsoft, and Automattic, where he focused on strategy, developer relations, and marketing for Apple University, Windows, and

For size comparison, Lin’s “iPhone 6” is shown next to an iPhone 5s.

Leaked iPhone 6 images (via Jimmy Lin)
Leaked iPhone 6 images (via Jimmy Lin)



Direct link to tweet here.


  1. While I understand that they had to put the sleep/power button on the side because it was too much of a reach to the top, it means my iPhone can never again be used as a level. Believe it or not, I used that feature a lot. Oh well, I guess it’s a small price to pay for more screen real estate…

    1. I have a work Android with a 5″ screen, so I can say with some confidence that a 4.7″ iPhone won’t be big enough that a power button on top is too far to reach. The index finger can travel a lot farther than the thumb, and if you’re trying to sleep/wake it you don’t really care about shifting your grip up and down constantly, like you’d have to if using just one thumb to reach back and forth across the screen.

      If the power/sleep button really is on the side it had better require more pressure than now to press it. The volume rocker on my work phone is in just the wrong place and is pressed far too easily.

    1. Of course it’s stretching the existing phone. What else would they do? Make it a triangle? Geez! It’s going to be a rectangular phone. How exciting can a mockup of that be? Idiotic articles like this are just a waste of space.

  2. Not completely sold that this is the one yet. iPhone 6 has outdone all prior iPhones in terms of widely available mock ups anyone can buy. Once I see the writing below the Apple logo, I’ll be more willing to find the leak credible.

    Look at this YouTube video. Towards the end the guy shows a fantastic looking mock up that looks similar to Jimmy’s:

    1. Not really; iPhone 5 was just fine. However, additional, parallel bigger versions should have been on sale already couple of years ago. Apple has lost some of sales because they could not offer bigger devices.

  3. I just can’t see Apple releasing this phone with those huge antenna break bands on the back. They just look… well plain ugly. I don’t think these are really what the phone will look like, Apple has more class than this (at least I hope)…

  4. White pin striping, really? Yeah I’ll wait until Apple reveals the real deal. Right now it’s the relative calm before the buying storm. I do wonder how much the 5.5″ model will cannibalize iPad sales as in “good enough” regarding size.

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