How Jimmy Iovine, Dr. Dre and Ian Rogers could transform Apple’s tech culture

“With the announcement of Apple’s acquisition of Beats Electronics now in our rearview mirror, many are trying to figure out what exactly the company bought with its $2.6 billion,” Jon Maples writes for Re/code. “Some have speculated that it could be the premium headphones or the potential of the streaming-music service that attracted Apple to Beats, but during the Code Conference last week, CEO Tim Cook confirmed that the unique talents of the company leaders were also a major factor in acquiring the firm.”

“The skills of Beats CEO Jimmy Iovine and co-founder Dr. Dre are legendary in recorded music. But this is a watershed moment for digital music. Apple might have hired talent from the music industry, but it hadn’t put someone of Iovine’s caliber in a leadership position,” Maples writes. “Nor has anyone in digital music, for that matter. The operating mode has always been technologists first, music second, with extremely mixed results.”

“Although Eddy Cue says there has been no reset since the end of the Jobsian Era, hiring two guys with resumes like Iovine and Dre sure seems like the beginning of a new Apple,” Maples writes. “Beyond the gravitas of Iovine and Dre, there’s another talent coming on board in Beats Music CEO Ian Rogers, a talented digital marketer who has spent a great deal of his career figuring out how to exploit new media channels to build revenue streams for artists.”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.

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  1. I call Tim’s office. I was sent to his voice mail and his recording said, “Aw man, don’t be hatin playa. Ain’t nuttin but a g thang.”

    The creativity brought by Dr. Dre is mind numbing.

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    1. So just to understand your logic, Thelonius Tom. Dr. Dre, a man who founded or co-founded at least three extremely successful businesses(Death Row Records, Aftermath Records, and Beats Audio),who launched the careers of some of the most successful recording artists of all time(you might have heard of this kid called Eminem), who was worth $550 Million BEFORE the Beats deal, and has been able to stay relevant and successful in one of the most difficult and cut throat industries for THREE DECADES, is somehow unintelligent because he has written songs using street vernacular? Making music with slang that resonates with his target demographic resulting in him selling MILLIONS of albums makes him a moron? I guess all country singers are idiots because they say y’all, and sing about pickup trucks, and getting drunk? If you took away the genre of the music he makes, the color of his skin, and just left his business accomplishments, all of you closet racists and uncle toms would be singing his praises. Dr. Dre was born in one of the worst ghettos in the US(Compton), was a high school dropout, and still somehow managed to amass a
      fortune as an entrepreneur, with absolutely nothing more to guide him than his gut. You’re right he’s definitely a moron. A horrible person too. That’s why he and Jimmy Iovine Donated 70 Million to the USC to create the Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation. The goal of the Academy has been stated as “to shape the future by nurturing the talents, passions, leadership and risk-taking of uniquely qualified students who are motivated to explore and create new art forms, technologies, and business models.” You’re right, there’s just not a decent thing you can say about this guy. The second anyone on this slanted site can give a better reason than “I don’t like rap music” to discredit Dr. Dre as an entrepreneur, I’m open to hearing it. Until then, every time you decide to use Ebonics, or quote a rap lyric in an attempt to illustrate that Dr. Dre is the lame duck in the Beats acquisition, you’re not only revealing yourself as a racist, or Uncle Tom, you’re also revealing you’re an idiot. By the way, you should change your screen name because it’s not only embarrassing, but also offensive that you would dare to try and associate yourself with a jazz legend…

    1. Watch the keynote with jimmy and mossberg and you’ll see a massive similarity m with jimmy and Steve jobs.

      Watch it and listen to what he says and how he communicates – they are so very similar is uncanny.

  2. I wouldn’t underestimate Tim, but like tattoos, rap and hiphop are not my cup of tea, to put it mildly. My least favorite genre of music. I don’t even consider it music- but an art form that doesn’t resonate with me, like haikus or most country music or opera.

          1. Anyone that can press the spray button on a cheap can of flying paint is an artist?

            Anyone driving a car is a NASCAR driver?

            Anyone ordering a pizza is a soaring heights orator?

            Tell me again who is the moron.

    1. Early on hip hop was a blend of jazz, poetry, and funk, and produced much beautiful art and social commentary, like the original Jazzmatazz series by Guru. Then it degenerated into rap. Ugh. It became the soundtrack of a failed & wretched culture that honors misogyny, promotes homophobia, and pushes people toward antisocial activities as a way of life. Certainly not all rap, but so much that you have to work to find the stuff that doesn’t, and Dr. Dre is an icon of this cesspool. Unfortunately out of fear of people using the R word (racist) most people won’t call it what it is, garbage.

      I have no doubt that Dr. Dre will bring music industry insight to Apple. As someone indicated, it will be very narrow insight albeit into a highly lucrative sector.

  3. Dude- he just earned north of $500,000,000 this year. What are you earning? Maybe there’s more than weird lyrics to the good doctor.

      1. All this criticism brings to mind a quote from the immortal Liberace: “When the reviews are bad I tell my staff they can join me as I cry all the way to the bank”. Give the man his due. If he has nothing more to offer, he won’t be at Apple.

    1. Yo motherfucka, don’t be hatin cuz I an’t chillin on this 3b drop on Dre. I ain’t no Dre dog, I don’t be kickin or trickin wit dat bitch and neither do you dig?

      I would like to clear my throat and read more from the inspirational writings of Dr. Dre.

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      West coast shit nigga
      Overdosage – imperial pistols ferocious
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      Captain Save’Em all day (bitch) well save this dick
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      You ain’t into hittin pussy, or hittin the switch
      You into hittin bitches off of the grip, you punk bitch

        1. The billion dollar question!

          Does a liberal company have an HR department just as liberal? Or, do Apple HR professionals maintain industry professional standards, i.e. fair diversity protection for all employees.

          The scenarios are endless. Just one:

          Do billion dollar rap execs get a pass and company protection after singing offensive gangsta rap at the water cooler?

          The baptist intern from South Carolina felt compelled to report a hostile work environment after hearing bitch or hoe.

          Diversity training for foul mouth rappers. Now that is a video I would five-star rate on YouTube.

      1. Cesspool culture.

        Grammar failure.

        Bad attitude.

        Narcissist and misogynist.

        All take and no give.

        All foul mouth and disrespect.

        All set to a BEAT.

        This type of rap is CRAP.

        Which inspires me to cue up the best of the Drifters and Barry White on my iPhone …

        1. And let’s not forget the harshest lyrics off ALL.

          Singing, er, mouthing slang gang words to INCITE and COMMIT violence against fellow innocent human beings.

          The single GREATEST TRAGEDY of Gangsta Rap.

  4. Not knowing who Iovine is not Iovines problem rather the problem of the person saying “jimmy who?” being way out of touch with the reality of the music industry and envirnoment !
    Dre in his own right is a force in the mudic industry.. But i have no doubt his roll will be limited to some PR at urben level…. A market apple is not very well connected with !

        1. Unfortunately he was dead by the time I got there. I did meet Stevie Wonder though. Since my real name is Marvin, the “Marvin Gay” jokes never ended.

          Motown was an all Macintosh company. I was very proud of the technology work I did there. It was a nice network. Then we got bought by Polygram and the PC people invaded my happy Mac world. They were not happy that a 3 person team easily handled the needs of 200 Mac users. Told me to start planning on the conversion to Windows. I started looking for a new job instead.

      1. That is way too cool. Talk about tech heaven.

        At least until the Alt/Ctrl/Delete pillagers stormed the castle walls.

        Love Motown and all the great artists of that period. Saw the Drifters in concert in D.C. a couple times. Man, they were (are) great.

  5. Dr. Dre is just another one of these modern music fools who make “music” with no soul or meaning. He is no different from Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus. I wish Michael Jackson ditched Sony when he had the chance…because now, Sony is pimping his music to sell Fragmandroid phones! What reasonable person would buy an Xperia Fragmandroid phone just because it comes with a free download of Michael Jackson’s “new, never heard before” album, “Xscape”? (I see what you did there!) $ony is a bunch if greedy racists who never liked MJ in the first place. Apple…please, PLEASE destroy $ony and their Fragmandroid rip-offs!

    1. Quit with the Michael Jackson deification. He was a self-obsessed idiot who was addicted to drugs, squandered tens, hundreds of millions of dollars on junk, and had dubius relationships with children.
      His last decent album was Thriller.

      1. What are you saying? Thriller, for the most part, is the most simplistic of his adult work. His later albums include some of the most complex pop music ever produced. It’s a shame his personal defects buried most of the later work. ps – no idea what this has to do with the article. . . just replying to the comment.

  6. I’ve been thinking about this Beats thing , didn’t want to post ’cause I didn’t want to get into a flame war but I think I will put my 2 cents in now:

    1) I don’t listen much hiphop or rap (actually dislike some of the lyrics that advocate violence etc) but I try to keep an open mind to others preferences. I also acknowledge those kinds of music are very popular with some people

    2) Apple succeeded because Jobs Thought Different from what was expected. Unlike most tech nerds (after quitting college and rejoining) he took CALLIGRAPHY courses. This art training was a significant thing that help make Apple different and led it to it’s mountain top today .
    Do we need to Think Different today? Other conservative tech companies might not hire Dre etc but perhaps it was good idea for Apple?

    3) Apple is moving into a diverse world today with many different types of people. Apple top leadership, talented as they are, are ethnically and gender wise (until recently) a White Male Mono Culture. Perhaps they wanted to broaden their horizons?

    I don’t want to get into a political flame war but I like to point out that in recent years the Republican party has lost some elections because it didn’t understand the non white vote (the population mix today in USA has shifted from overwhelming white) — in certain places where it did get it and got the Hispanic vote in the south it can win.
    (personally I think BOTH dems and repubs have bad and good guys and all kinds on in between). Like I said I don’t want a political flame war but I just want to point out the reality of diversity.

    4) look at the new Dre Beats/Apple Brazil World Cup Ad.
    Some people in USA blasts it for things like being ‘sexually exploitive’ etc (it even has brief sex scene) and it might not work in the conservative (sexually repressive ?) USA but from blogs World Cup fans in South America and elsewhere it seems they LOVE it.
    A soppy Apple ‘Chicken Fat’ ad might not work so well in those places ….

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