Microsoft Surface Pro 3 doesn’t stand up to Apple’s MacBook Air and iPad

“Do you like your MacBook Air? How about your iPad? I ask because Microsoft is gunning for both of these devices with its new Surface Pro 3. Redmond’s idea is that you could replace both your MacBook Air (or other laptop) and your iPad (or other tablet) with this one thing,” Katherine Boehret writes for Re/code. “But I’m having a hard time going along with the plan — even after using the Surface Pro 3 for the past two weeks.”

“The Surface Pro 3 starts at $800. But like its predecessors, this Surface doesn’t ship with a keyboard, so you’ll have to shell out another $130 for its Type Cover keyboard. Grand total: $930,” Boehret writes. “The MacBook Air, which Microsoft insists on comparing to this Surface, starts at $900. It comes with a built-in keyboard that’s much sturdier than the magnetic clip-on accessory for the Surface Pro 3. While the cheapest MacBook Air’s display is 11.6 inches versus the 12-inch Surface display, it comes with 128 gigabytes of storage versus 64GB on the cheapest Surface Pro 3. It also has a faster processor (Intel Core i5 versus i3), and weighs slightly less (2.38 pounds versus 2.41 for the Surface with its keyboard).”

“folding the keyboard over and using this thing as a tablet is not an enjoyable experience. Its honking 12-inch screen feels big and bulky, and with the keyboard, it weighs more than twice as much as the one-pound iPad Air. Take off its keyboard, and the Surface still weighs more, at 1.76 pounds,” Boehret writes. “At its launch event, Microsoft continuously asked people to compare the MacBook Air to this Surface Pro 3. I’m sorry to say that I can’t recommend that comparison, nor can I recommend it as a replacement for your iPad or Android tablet.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If Microsoft’s latest debacle can’t even beat out an Android tablet, it’s as stillborn as its predecessors.

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      1. this is what I believe happened:

        several years ago:

        Ballmer walks into Msft research lab and see’s software engineer crouched over PC.
        Engineer is gleefully playing a game he invented “Coloured Mahjong”.
        Ballmer : “Hey Bob, whatya doing?”
        Startled and embarrassed he’s wasting company time, Bob mumbles, “….. er, working on new concept for Windows OS… er… it’s called ‘Live Tiles’… ”

        Ballmer : “WOW!!!!!!”

        the rest is history.

  1. ‘bojennett,’ a commenter at Re/code, had this nice insight about Microsoft’s positioning of Surface: “They desperately want to kill off the idea of stand alone tablets, because stand alone tablets are slowly killing the PC industry.”

    1. Hey, thanks for your post yesterday (regarding the question of being inspired to purchase an Apple product based on what was announced at the WWDC), left you a reply and now I’m going to add something amazing. A journalist that is not absolutely gaga over the latest Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Amazing, astonishing, surprising?
      No, she’s a woman anyone should have figured that one out.

      Off to have more fun.

        1. Ah people are people but geek stuff, well you know how the Big Bang theory TV show is all male dominant but sooooo vulnerable to women.

          Besides you are one of the few that actually took an interest in who I am. That’s a big thumbs up in my books.

    1. Have you ever tried mentioning the “App Gap” that Windows tablets suffer compared to iPad and even Android to your IT department? If you let them know that iPad has more productivity apps than Windows 8 tablets, then maybe they can reconsider, and switch over to iPad. I know many small business that work by iPad, and they all have successful enterprises. I have yet to see a business run by Windows Surface.

  2. Microsoft makes me appreciate the genius of Steve Jobs because they have nothing like him to guide their corporation (despite all the money and talent in the world). But Microsoft makes me fear Apple’s loss of SJ and the inevitable degradation that is sure to follow.

    1. Potentially it could be set free as SJ for all his genius was somewhat one eyed yes usually to advantage but on occasion made him miss boats that Apple should have commandeered at the very least. Only time will tell which way it goes.

  3. Last week’s blow to Surface Pro 3’s dignity:

    Buy the MacBook Air Instead of the Surface Pro 3: 10 Reasons Why

    – Type Cover Doesn’t Turn the Surface Pro 3 Into a Notebook
    – OS X Is Superior.
    – Windows 8.1 Is a Mess.
    – The add-ons that go with the Surface Pro 3 are shockingly expensive.
    – Pricing is a massive issue for Microsoft.
    – Microsoft has awful timing. The company unveiled the Surface Pro 3 just weeks after Apple updated the MacBook Air and dropped its starting price to $900.
    – The Surface Pro 3 notebook experience just can’t match notebooks. And that’s a problem.
    – The Mobility Gains Aren’t Great.
    – Apple Wins on Design.
    – Consumers Don’t Want It Both Ways.

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