8 companies Apple put the hurt on with iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite

“If there’s one thing Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) makes clear, it’s that Apple loves the programmers who make software for iOS and OS X,” Geoff Duncan writes for Digital Trends. “But at the same time, Apple isn’t above pulling the rug out from under its own developers. Overnight, a company or lone programmer can go from having a leading app with rave reviews and decent sales to competing directly with Apple—and that almost never goes well. In fact, it’s happened so often in Apple’s history that it even has a name: ‘getting Sherlocked.’ …Sherlock 3 wasn’t the first time Apple had stomped on a third-party developer, but Watson was the first app to be ‘Sherlocked.’ And the name stuck.”

“Now that Apple has announced key new features in OS X Yosemite and iOS 8, who’s getting Sherlocked this time around?” Duncan writes. “The list is surprisingly long.”

• Dropbox
• Alfred
• Snapchat
• Whatsapp
• Lapse It and other time tapse apps
• Skitch
• Amazon & Microsoft cloud services

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  1. Dropbox – this was the nicest suprise. iCloud looks like it will be useful now. Although 99c/m is nothing, a bump up in the free 5Gb would have been a nice addition to go with the photos feature

    1. Apple needs to add group functionality as many small businesses use DropBox to share work related materials. Dropbox has done nice job of allowing files from multiple streams to appear in one integrated drive.

      If anyone can I am sure Apple will get there.

  2. I hope the next company on Apple’s Roadkill List will be Sony. Not only are their Windoze boxes and Fragmandroid phones are trash, but they shamelessly used Michael Jackson’s music to hawk their awful iWannabe rip-off Xperia phones. They even made the name sound a little too close to Xscape! Sony should be ashamed of themselves. They make phones running a rip-off OS, and use music made by a true icon to sell that trash. Sad.

      1. I actually really liked their Vaio line. They weren’t that bad, even though they ran Windows. At least Sony still has the games console business.

        1. If ever I was forced away from Apple the Vaio was the only PC I could have considered. But then that was before they made them as ugly, tacky and unstylish as HP during its anything to make our boxes look different period. Sad.

    1. Apple doesn’t target specific companies to “kill off.” Apple targets specific features to add to/improve in its software and hardware offerings, and Apple wants to make the experience better than anyone else’s product. If that kills of a company like Dropbox or Sony, so be it, but that’s not Apple’s goal.

    2. Their headphones are great.
      PS4 is really good and selling well.
      The Xperia phones are actually pretty good, if you drop your blind hatred driven by your irrational fanaticism.

  3. • Amazon & Microsoft cloud services

    Well, not exactly. My understanding is that Apple is continuing to toss them money for use of their cloud server space. Please let me know if that has been discontinued.

    1. I would be surprised if Apple needed anything cloud from either Amazon’s or Microsoft’s cloud services anymore. Apple has been building billion dollar solar powered server farms everywhere.

      Did you notice how great the video of the KeyNote was? You have to stream them from somewhere. I would love to know how many streams were supported Monday and if Apple used it’s own servers to stream it. TV on demand will need this too when Apple wants that market.

      1. Not a hiccup even when string full screen. Also had iPads and windows machine on the network doing its stuff. The video feed never faltered. Amazing nowadays compared to the old days.

      2. The live stream was less of a server issue than a CDN (content delivery network) issue. For CDN, they use Akamai. Apple has been using them since around 1999 when they made an investment in the startup. Akamai now has about a $10 Billion market cap, but I’m not sure if Apple continues to own a stake in the company.

        I’ve done some work with Akamai. Like most things, Apple uses them because they’re the best.

  4. “very flattering to see Apple “borrow” numerous WhatsApp features into iMessage in iOS 8 ‪#‎innovation‬—
    jan koum (@jankoum) June 02, 2014″

    Yeah, except they didn’t “borrow” parts/stunts like these: “A major privacy and security problem has been the subject of a joint Canadian-Dutch government investigation. The primary concern was that WhatsApp required users to upload their mobile phone’s entire address book to WhatsApp servers so that WhatsApp could discover who, among the users’ contacts, is available via WhatsApp. While this is a fast and convenient way to quickly find and connect the user with contacts who are also using WhatsApp, it means that their address book was then mirrored on the WhatsApp servers, including contact information for contacts who are not using WhatsApp.”

    Enjoy that $18 Billion investment on its way to dud, Facebook.

  5. Whatsapp – Thats 16Billion of value added to Apple right there!

    Dropbox – Thats probably another 16Billion

    Alfred – Another 16Billion (I am sure Alfie agrees)

    Snapchat – Yep, another 16Billion.

    All in all, thats about 8 X 16 Billion of value added to Apple.

    1. Yup. I think if Apple comes knocking and wants to buy you out, you had better get serious about what you can do with the money. However, Apple isn’t exactly known to toss the Benjamins around like Google or Microsoft, so perhaps the dollar amount was simply not enough to entice Dropbox’s owners to sell.

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