NYT confirms Apple to make push into monitoring health and home at WWDC today

“Apple is unlikely to introduce new devices this week, the things that most excite customers and investors these days,” Brian X. Chen reports for The New York Times. “But the company is expected to dive deeper into two new areas: connected health and the so-called smart home.”

“Along with operating system updates for mobile and desktop machines, Apple plans to introduce a new health-tracking app at its annual Worldwide Developers’ Conference on Monday, according to a person briefed on the product, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the plans were confidential,” Chen reports. “The app for mobile devices will track statistics for health or fitness, like a user’s footsteps, heart rate and sleep activity.”

“The health app will initially pull data from third-party fitness and health-monitoring hardware, the person said, but it will most likely be able to connect with a smart watch that Apple is widely expected to release this year,” Chen reports. “Apple is also expected to make an announcement about its efforts with connecting to so-called smart home devices, or home appliances that can be wirelessly controlled with a smartphone, like light bulbs, thermostats or door locks. While many smart appliances already exist, Apple could introduce tool kits for developers that would allow apps to more easily communicate with home appliances, which could make the connected home systems simpler to set up for consumers.”

“Apple investors and fans who are clamoring for the company to introduce new hardware categories, like a so-called smart watch or connected television, will probably have to keep waiting. On Monday, when the event’s keynote address is given, Apple is expected to focus on new versions of its mobile operating system for iPhones and iPads, known as iOS, and for the Mac operating system, OS X,” Chen reports. “In the past, Apple’s weeklong software developers’ conference was occasionally an arena for unveiling new hardware. But Apple more recently has reserved major hardware announcements for the fall and winter to aim for the back-to-school and holiday shopping seasons.”

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  1. The NYT confirms nothing. They speculate, at best, joining a chorus of speculation, but only Apple can confirm what Apple will do.
    This kind of reporting, and worse, this kind of headline, is mere provocation.
    I have watched for a long time at MDN railing against writers and calling them “hit whores”, but what I read here today is just another example of what MDN passes along as journalism. Sadly, it suggests MDN is the real “hit whore”, lazily using others to drive views, with Apple as the fulcrum.
    I have tired of it and will seek real writers writing real stories that edify.

        1. Its gotten to the point where my parrot refuses to poop on it. So I have to agree the New York Times is lost , has no compass, and no clue. Its a shame as I grew up with that news paper and they used to have great reporting. Now they just get their information spoon fed to them and print what ever is told to them to print like an old Russian newspaper. Too late to save the “old gray lady”
          she has no teeth, is blind and needs a trip out on the pack ice with a fresh handful of snow in her mouth.
          That would finally give her peace. ( I know sounds rough I get it but I know people who work there and feel the same way. its over in a big way)

    1. The NYT couldn’t confirm their own flatulence. What hubris to think they have and seemingly can broadcast special knowledge. The words “expected” and “unlikely” say it all, just the same pondering & meandering noise we all have made.

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