Apple just delivered a knockout blow to Android with iOS 8

“Apple’s World Wide Developer conference is supposed to be a place for, you guessed it, developers to hear about the latest developments in Apple’s software and hardware,” Ian Morris writes for Forbes. “In previous years, it’s been about releasing new devices, and that has turned it into a bit of a media circus. Not this year though, because Apple didn’t announce any new hardware at all. There was no iWatch, no new iPhone and no improvements to the iPad.”

“Apple just spoke about two new things. The new version of MacOS and iOS8, the latest iteration of its mobile operating system. On the surface, this sounds a bit disappointing, but in reality Apple has done more to change mobile and desktop computing than anyone else has for some time,” Morris writes. “Most exciting of all though, was Apple’s iOS8. To look at, you wouldn’t think that would be the case. Visually, it’s just a tweak to iOS7, but under the hood things start to get more interesting. Extensions were the first thing that blew my mind. Now iOS apps are able to communicate with each other, and one can give or take data from another. This might sound like a small thing, but with Apple’s eye for security in place, it allows apps to work together in ways they never could have before… This is a significant improvement over current iOS devices, and there is no similar feature on Android either.”

“Apple also opened up its fingerprint scanner via a new API. This means that you’ll be able to authorise app purchases via fingerprint. Rightly, Apple doesn’t allow any of that secure information off the device, it’s all kept locked away, but this is a great, secure way to pay. Fingerprints are not perfect security of course, but they do bring together conveniences and a reasonable level of protection, which is what the public wants.,” Morris writes. “In total, Apple says there are now 4000 new APIs for developers to use in iOS8… What the firm did at this WWDC was make it clear that Android’s reputation for flexibility is being challenged, and Apple thinks it can avoid the problems with malware and viruses that have been something of an issue for Android. This is the first WWDC where I think Apple has got everything right.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dominick P.” for the heads up.]

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      1. Google also does some buggy half-thought-out things first.

        Apple generally does not worry about being first, it aims to make things work the best. Sometimes it manages both.

      2. Hummmm… Buzzzzzz… Hummmm… Buzzzzzz… Hummmm… Buzzzzzz… Hummmm… Buzzzzzz… Hummmm… Buzzzzzz… Hummmm… Buzzzzzz… Hummmm… Buzzzzzz…

        Know what that is? The sound of Samsung photocopiers hard at work! (okay, so I can’t make photocopier sounds but you get the idea)

        ‘The next big thing is already here’, right Samsung?!?

        1. Didn’t you know Samsung already announced a health platform… to be launched at some obscure time in the future as long as the developers write it for them, but hey they have the name already decided and it even sounds a bit like siri. I’m sure they will now have plenty of ideas to copy while claiming they were first all along. The way of tech eh.

    1. By Up the Ante, you mean now Android will have even more hardware that is NOT up on the latest droid version and thus even more droid hardware susceptible to viruses than were noted in the WWDC Keynote graphics?

      How can you have a viable ‘ecosystem’ when only 14% of Win PC’s are on Win8 vs 51% of Macs are on Mavericks and iDevices are on virtually 90% of installed devices versus 9% for Droids? How can developers make money with the fragged droid marketplace?

      Apple has given developers even MORE reasons to develop for Apple devices.

    2. Google may copy things within a week. It’ll take forever for Samsung and others to implement the newest version of Android… so you won’t have anything! And if you do, it’s the crappy not working version of Samsung it is.

    3. If you think it will take google only a week to ‘up the anti’ as you put it then you’re on crack.

      Apple has been working on all this for nearly 3 years while google plays around on barges and ideas that will t create value or have no commercial viability what so ever.

  1. Google will have a hard time copying these options especially since there is so much integrating cross platform and they have weak hardware to work with, no reasonable fingerprint scanner, etc

  2. The vast richness of today’s offerings was stunning. iOS is really flexing its muscles and Yosemite is a nice polishing to a good OS. It’s obvious, though, that iOS is getting 90% of the dev time at Apple, as it should. iOS originally came off as a subset of OS X. It’s now growing into a bigger, stronger version of its older sibling. Swift looks a like phenomenal improvement for developers. It borrows a lot from other languages, such as Python, but from what I’ve heard, it really looks to have cherry picked the best attributes of the most popular IDEs.

    I think now, more than before today, that we are going to see a very interesting update to TV this Fall. They uttered not a single word about it today. But with the changes in iOS, the Metal api, and the game demos on a 4K display at Moscone, I think it is clear that Apple is in a position to pack a lot of new capabilities into that little black box.

  3. PS- A decade ago Jobs famously stated, “Microsoft doesn’t need to fail for Apple to succeed.” I think it’s time adopt that attitude with Google. Let them provide fleets of internet providing satellites and cars that drive themselves (ahem…if you teach the route first), while Apple provides a cohesive and secure method to exploit the digital world of commerce and convenience.

      1. When you add your rabid homophobia to your knee-jerk anti-Obama partisanship and your frequent off-topic, immature and small-minded commentary, your participation on this website is on the whole decidedly a negative for those of us who come here expecting intelligent discussion of Apple/Mac-related issues.

        Simply stated — could you please STFU for a day, a week, a month? Please?

  4. If Microsoft should ever be worried about the competition from Apple, it’s now. The potential of iOS and it’s integration with the desktop, makes for one incredibly powerful enterprise tool.

    With its seamless integration between the desktop and portable environments, iCloud finally done right, and the ability for apps and applications to work together at a much higher level, I see nothing from the competition that comes anywhere near this level of integration.

    How could Android possibly hope to compete when only, what was it, 13% of its users are running the latest version?

    Apple just turned the whole industry on its ear. Go Apple!

      1. That’s pathetic. They can produce a perfect carbon copy of Apple’s ecosystem, but what good is it if it can’t run on your device?

        Same goes with Windows. A lot of Windows users don’t want to run Windows 8 because it’s a terrible OS and about as user friendly as a pit bull on steroids. Good luck with trying to integrate Android with Windows and/or Linux.

        If I were a developer, I wouldn’t waste my time or talent trying to come up with something to compete with what Apple has done.

        With Apple’s control over the software and the hardware, the competition doesn’t have a viable solution, let alone anything as elegant as what Apple can offer.

        Apple really hit it out of the park today. They’ve proved it’s far more than just hardware.

  5. Most of the things Apple added to iOS have been available on Android for quite some time. The biggest thing in my opinion is healthbook. Absolutely fantastic.

    The difficult thing is seeing how Apple spells things out so nicely and seemingly obvious that the competition just copies it outright. There would be no health framework implemented like Apple has done without them creating it first. It’s only a matter of time before Android has a carbon copy of it ready for Android.

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