Apple’s Beats buy is two-sided for music streaming rivals

“Apple’s US$3 billion ($3.52 billion) purchase of headphone maker and music streaming company Beats Electronics sheds light on a rarely recognised reality in the music streaming industry – it’s hard to succeed without offering other products and services,” Ryan Nakashima reports for The Associated Press. “Streaming music companies like Beats Music, which charge users up to US$10 a month, can sometimes pay as much as 70 per cent of their revenue in artist royalty fees. It leaves little for advertising and promotional campaigns to explain to consumers the benefits of paying for a music service.”

“Even streaming leader Spotify – with 10 million paying customers worldwide – is reportedly burning through cash as it seeks to attract enough subscribers to turn a profit,” Nakashima reports. “Although analysts say Apple’s purchase is largely an acquisition of talent and a way to offset the declining popularity of iTunes song downloads, the company notes its main source of revenue has always been from devices; music is just a hook to make the devices more usable and attractive.”

“Observers believe Apple’s purchase of Beats could have both positive and negative effects for other streaming companies,” Nakashima reports. “On the one hand, if Apple pushes hard to promote streaming music subscriptions and makes the idea more acceptable to a broader audience that currently purchases downloads or acquires pirated music, the company’s efforts could help all music services… Even so, there’s a downside for the industry. Apple could easily devalue music subscriptions by running the service at a loss because it makes plenty of money elsewhere. Apple is likely to advertise and possibly offer bundled discounts to make Beats Music a bigger force… If Apple creates an even more attractive bundle for people who buy Beats headphones or Apple devices, stand-alone music services may find it tougher to compete.”

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  1. I still posit the decline in iTunes downloads is that the market is saturated. By now, nearly everyone has nearly every song they ever wanted. I agree with Jobs when he noted people don’t want to rent their music, they want to own it.

    1. Don’t be stupid. There are tens of thousands of songs I don’t have, and thousands being added every month, and even if I spent every last penny I earn, I could never keep up with all the music that’s out there, and is yet to appear.
      I have several hundred CD’s, and 16,000 songs in iTunes, there are millions out there.
      Nobody could own everything.

        1. please don’t misinterpret my admiration and love for iTunes, 20 years ago the wealthiest man could not have my music collection that is at my behest anywhere I go at the click of a mouse or a touch on glass.

          It’s just business, and that business has been saturated.

  2. Here’s the skinny on the purchase: Apple has a tech coming out that requires the headphones to be involved (think wearable computer, biometric, and controlling functions with a turn or tip of your head.) They’re nervous that people don’t use their EarPods enough. This purchase lets them link with the largest headphone seller around (for phones above $100) and therefore to incorporate the patented tech at the debut.

    Granted, it’s a guess. But I’d put money on it.

    1. We have not seen the miniature possibilities for audio devices yet. Medical innovation today gives a clue as to what is possible.

      It should be possible for an audio notification to the ear from a miniature device smaller than a hearing aid today.

      We can expect implantable notification devices today much as miniaturized heart pacemakers are now being developed to be inserted via a catheter and recharged wirelessly.

      We’ve only just started into the next generation of personal comm-products.

  3. The idea that iTunes downloads is decreasing is sheer nonsense. The rate is still increasing. The average downloads per account is decreasing but why anyone would expect that to increase is beyond me. As Apple expand to newer territories, begin capturing price conscious customers, it is obvious that many of those new clients will not be buying songs through iTunes.
    We will have to see if the addition of Iovine and Dr. Dre can add another aspect to the music business to help generate more sales and growth for Apple.
    The hardware aspect will be interesting. Clearly a big money maker with large margins and considered cool and hip for many people. So although people are discounting this aspect it could help Apple build out another layer of accessories.
    The software aspect could take longer to evolve. If Apple merge iTunes Radio with the new acquisition then they may be onto something interesting.

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