What Apple will announce at WWDC 2014 on Monday

“Apple is set to open up this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference with a two-hour keynote, and speculation is intense as to what might be announced,” Ewan Spence reports for Forbes. “From features and UI changes in the new operating systems, to updated hardware and potential new product lines, how likely are the rumors circling around Apple’s developer event this weekend to be true?”

“Given the Moscone West Hall already has huge banners with the number ’8′ on display, and iOS has seen a major version number jump at every WWDC since 2008, the big news would be if there wasn’t a new version of the mobile OS,” Spence writes. “Announcement of iOS 8: Certain. The question of what features will iOS 8 include is more interesting. Following a report in the Financial Times at the start of the week, the idea of controlling a connected home from your iOS device has gained a lot of traction. Indications are that the system will not be a full-blown application or a ‘total control’ option, but rather a process of certification and basic standards that would allow hardware to be marked as ‘Made for iOS.'”

“I don’t expect to hear about an Apple iWatch at WWDC, my thinking around an iWatch would be a consumer launch of any hardware alongside the updated iPhone in September. If you wanted a potential long shot for next week, how about the introduction of a wearables framework in iOS 8 alongside the home automation framework.,” Spence writes. “If Apple push the ‘similar but separate’ approach, OSX could taken on a flatter UI look to move it closer to iOS in the user’s eyes. I don’t expect Apple to follow Microsoft in a ‘one OS fits all’ approach this year, but giving OSX a more iOS feel will help to bring iPad and iPhone users into the OSX family, and will promote a cohesive ‘Apple’ look between disparate products.”

Much more, including hardware predictions, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple will webcast their WWDC 2014 Keynote Address live on June 2nd starting at 10am PDT / 1pm EDT and, as usual, we will be covering with live notes. Check the MacDailyNews.com home page on Monday morning for the live coverage link.

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          1. “As un-PC as reality is, normal men will not follow a homosexual.” What a load of croc! Since when is his Homosexuality in question of what products are in the pipeline! Sweet Jesus what a lame answer!

            1. Hey Bovine-dick, can you just go away for a day so the products can be disclosed tomorrow instead of acting like you know it all with nothing to back it up?

              we will see you clearly as the idiot you are… oh wait… never mind

          2. The I expect you will not avail yourself of the terrific new products when they do arrive since you are ye of little faith. It takes a bold kind of questionable intelligence to make these kind of statements mere days before being proved wrong. I salute your foolhardiness! 🙂

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          4. You should really get help, since you are projecting your status of being in a downward spiral on Apple. it is not healthy to ignore such conditions for so long. May peace be with you so you may find truth, and may the WWDC revelations help you reach that truth and find your peace

    1. At least wait until tomorrow, buttvinnik. You may just see something that makes you reconsider your position on Cook and Apple. If not, then please follow your conscience and depart the Apple ecosystem (and associated forums) that are so increasingly distasteful to you. We won’t miss you, and neither will Apple. Frankly, if Apple’s very existence depended upon you, I would feel the same way.

  1. When Apple introduces a product in a new product category, Apple does it months before the actual release (on sale) date. Right now is perfect timing for iWatch. (Whoa… I just typed “iwatch” on my iPad and it auto-corrected to include the capital W.)

    If the plan is to start selling it later this year, Apple should introduce it now, while there is still mystery about its design. If Apple waits any longer, Apple’s manufacturing “partners” will leak info (like with iPhone 6) and the marketing impact will be gone. With the media expecting “no new devices” at WWDC, Apple has played it perfectly for a keynote surprise.

    1. If that’s true then they are going to bend “botvinnik” over and give him what he really wants. He just needs a little shove to force him out of the closet.

    1. An Infinity Distortion Field? Along with the Mothership being built, the promises of an exciting product pipeline, the patenting of melding sapphire glass with Liquidmetal, AND the Beats acquisition?!?!? Conspiracy theorists unite!!!

  2. I have not seen any mention of this issue in my observations in the many replies here and elsewhere, but is it possible that a major update to iWorks maybe in the cards on Monday?

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