Why Google really, truly, deeply hates Apple

“Is it any wonder that Google hates Apple? Apple brought apps to the smartphone, even when co-founder Steve Jobs said web apps (JavaScript, HTML, CSS– like Dashboard Widgets) would work just fine,” Jeffrey Mincey writes for Bohemian Boomer. “Apps on mobile devices marginalize Google’s main source of revenue.”

“The iPhone’s iconic design surprised the Android engineers at Google. Google would still have ruled search on the web with Chrome for iPhone had Apple stuck to the script and allowed native apps only from Apple,” Mincey writes. “Instead, Steve Jobs caved in to pressure from his executive team, and a year later apps and the iTunes App Store appeared, and Google was very unhappy. Why? Apps negate the need for Google’s bread and butter search business.”

“Giving Android OS away to cell phone manufacturers was Google’s way of leveling the playing field. Years later, Google still struggles to make money on mobile devices while Apple takes home 75-percent of the industry’s profits,” Mincey writes. “Can you imagine how powerful Apple would be in mobile had Google not given away Android?”

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MacDailyNews Take: Here’s what Google’s Android looked like before and after Apple’s iPhone:

Google Android before and after Apple iPhone

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    1. There’s something distinctly chilling about the existence of privacy being debated, in extreme privacy, by people such as the executive chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, and the board member of Facebook Peter Thiel: exactly the people who know how radically transparent the general public has become.

      And to have them discussing it with the head of MI6 and with people such as the head of AXA, the insurance and investment conglomerate – Henri de Castries.

          1. Oh my god. This should be played every time prior to the national anthem. The US is totally the opposite today to the vision espoused by JFK. No wonder the killed him.

            1. Peter Pumpkinhead came to town
              Spreading wisdom and cash around
              Fed the starving and housed the poor
              Showed the vatican what gold’s for
              But he made too many enemies
              Of the people who would keep us on our knees
              Hooray for Peter Pumpkin
              Who’ll pray for Peter Pumpkinhead?
              Oh my!
              Peter Pumpkinhead pulled them all
              Emptied churches and shopping malls
              Where he spoke, it would raise the roof
              Peter Pumpkinhead told the truth
              But he made too many enemies…
              Peter Pumpkinhead put to shame
              Governments who would slur his name
              Plots and sex scandals failed outright
              Peter merely said
              Any kind of love is alright
              But he made too many enemies…
              Peter Pumpkinhead was too good.

      1. Also in attendance is the CEO of LinkedIn. It appears regular Bilderberger Jeff Bezos isn’t attending this year, but he could be an unofficial attendee. Charlie Rose is also missing from the official list, and he’s been a regular for years.

        But Bilderberg is not important, just a social gathering, so focus on who’s owning the LA Clippies. That’s what matters.

  1. Think of it this way: Google wants to be a “friendlier, nicer M$”. From the colorful logos, and that robot mascot, it looks like they are nice and friendly. Until you look at how evil and despicable Google and their goons are. Look at Sony, an Android manufacturer. That evil, racist company sabotaged Michael Jackson’s 2001 album “Invincible”, because they didn’t have any faith in MJ’s new music. 5 years after His death, they release a “new” album called “Xscape”….to advertise their Android dumbphone Xperia. Yeah…totally NOT for the money. I hope Apple destroys Google, Sony, and any other dishonorable company that tries to hurt people instead of make their lives better.

  2. Redmond won’t be getting their copiers ready on Monday morning but Mountain View will be firing up their Glassholes.

    Outside of the case of Apple (Steve Jobs) being furious about the Android copy and subsequent in depth reproductions from the likes of Samsung, I don’t think companies like Apple and Google really “hate each other.”

    Apple literally SHOVELS cash into Google’s coffers. The vast majority of computers at Google are Macs. Macs are the corporate standard.

    Apple is an outstanding organization, and though it is not popular to say so here, so is Google. I personally would rather not live in a world that didn’t have both.

  3. All waves move on.

    Search was viewed as the magic stone by Google in the beginning, yet with all their Asian Phds, they didn’t see the possibility or likelihood of the rise of Apps and specifically localized Apps like Yelp.

    So much for hiring geniuses.

    1. I blame the “web everything” fanatics that run Google.

      If you only know how to use an hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

      Not so great when your problem is made of glass.

  4. Ok, a little bit of trivia…Who said, “Apple, we hates it! Forever!”.

    Golum from LOTR? No.
    Goglum? No, but Close
    Right answer is Eric Schmeg Head from Google-em.

  5. Download the Duck-Duck-Go widget and install it on your Mac. Duck-Duck-Go will automatically become your default search application. It doesn’t track you and it returns the most relevant results for your searches, not results based on who paid the most to be included.

      1. I finally got around to doing this instead of relying on Yahoo a few weeks ago. I couldn’t believe how good it feels to actually get the results I was searching for, rather than somebody trying to sell me something. I’m reminded of the days of the early intent and Lynx searches. I’m actually in control of my results!

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