This striking iOS 8 concept reinvents the Home Screen

“Before iOS 7, the weather icon on the iPhone’s home screen always read 73 degrees and sunny, and none of the app icons sprung to life at all,” Tom Warren writes for The Verge.

“Not much changed with the redesigned iOS 7, with the exception of an animated clock icon, but designer Jay Machalani has created a concept that overhauls this static experience and transforms the app icons that fill the iPhone’s home screen,” Warren writes. “Machalani’s vision for fixing Windows 8 turned out to be remarkably similar to what Microsoft eventually said it would do to the Start Menu, and it even earned him a visit to the company’s headquarters in Redmond, Seattle. Now the 20-year-old self-taught user-experience designer has turned his sights to Apple’s iOS mobile operating system, and he has big ideas.”

iOS 8 concept (Jay Machalani)
iOS 8 concept (Jay Machalani)
“iOS 7 introduced sharper, flatter icons, and slimmer fonts alongside some new features, but the overall functionality was very similar to iOS 6,” Warren writes. “It made longtime iPhone users comfortable, but it hasn’t changed the fundamental UI of rows of app icons on the home screen. Machalani thinks he has the answer, and he’s using ideas from Google and Microsoft to make it happen.”

Read more, and see more images, in the full article here.

“The lengthy post (Apple job application?) details every aspect of how the iOS Block would function in more technical terms, including information on things like the Block sizes, transparency, visual identity, gradients, and more,” Sarah Perez reports for TechCrunch. “There are even separate sections for each type of Block he’s come up with – covering a number of the default Apple applications. But Machalani says the long-term potential of this concept would be third-party integrations which would allow for things like Facebook notifications, shortcuts to create new notes in OneNote, or even the latest Secret post right on your homescreen, he suggests.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! It’s a GREAT concept and the beauty is (if you actually cared to watch the demo) is that you can keep your tiles because the functionality is completely optional!

      GREAT way to make power users happy while keeping it simple for the masses and haterz.

  1. It is simply amazing that there are people who have the time and the energy to devote to creating something just because Apple is so secretive. This guy went ahead and created his own vision of how he thinks next version of iOS should look, and there are now numerous articles on various Apple- and Tech-related sites spreading his images, debating the merits of his ideas and guessing how close to the real new iOS he eventually got!

    This reminds me of a cartoon with a guy sitting at a computer, creating a web site, salivating at the prospect of getting tons of traffic and ad revenue from all the rabid DELL fans out there…

  2. When i saw pics before playing the vid I thought NOOOOOO! never its horrible, we do not want mixed size tiles. And I thought it would be far better if you simply increased the size of each icon as and when you wanted extra information. Then I realised that is precisely what he has done and it does actually have merit. If you want constant notifications for a particular period of time you can do so under your own control for as long as you need it for any particular app without the mess that you get with Win phone. Quite clever and flexible I think though still not convinced its the best or only way of achieving that.

    1. I looked at this and thought “It’s OS 10 preview”. Yes, I know it’s a bit more but at the core it allows you a quick look at what’s inside without launching the full app.

      To support this “preview” mode would mean that the app would need to be running at some level all the time thus negatively impacting battery life.

    2. Good, someone with intelligence commenting on this, instead of just sneering.
      I’d love to have this option on my home screen, to be able to enlarge certain app icons to make them easier to read updated info. Weather apps, like WeatherPro would be an ideal candidate, being able to enlarge the clock to show several time zones, or a timer running, or whatever…
      Yes, of course it’s a little like WinPhone’s tiles, but vastly improved, which is exactly what Apple has always been good at.
      Some people are just terrified of change, is all, and won’t stop whining about it.

      1. I actually like this concept/design. It would be nice to have something a little larger on the screen if desired. If it was an option then people who like it can implement it and those who don’t can decline using it.

  3. Uh, yeah. There are some good ideas in there. But what’s with the awful Window 8 kiosk fat-ass flat icon crap? RETROGRADE! That, we don’t need. Leave it where you found it please. Let the garbage man haul it away, as is its fate, as is meant to happen.

    Not entirely useless! A bit of this, a tiny part of that…. Brainstorming is always welcome.

  4. I like it so far. I’ll check back in a few after reading the full article.

    Too MS? Perhaps, but done better than theirs. Infringement in the making? Perhaps, but then MS has no room to argue that point. 😀

    1. Okay, I like it. (I’m at work, so my “in a few” took longer than anticipated.)

      Not a fan of “flat”, but it probably helps here.

      Hadn’t thought of “running all the time” to do that “preview”, as someone above mentioned. That could be a problem, but let me set controls like Notifications, and that fixes much of it. I don’t need to peek in on the majority of my apps anyway, and letting some run all the time would be nice. Email is already downloaded? Awesome! Apple can do the rest. 😀

  5. I think it is shiteous, but the guy in Cupertino just bought the shittiest headphone marketer for $3 Billion right after morphing the Mac Pro name into that of a home theater PC that looks like a Japanese trash can.

    1. I would argue Beats is a great example of a marketing company. They make a crappy product and people want to buy them. The high price gives the illusion of a quality product with quality sound. I honestly couldn’t believe how bad these cans sound. $20 ear buds sound better.

    2. Darwin, you’re just a fuckwit who is incapable of understanding anything at all.
      It’s remarkable that a mammal as slow as you still has respiratory functions.

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