Beats’ sleek, new Solo² headphones promise better quality for a wider variety of music

“With Dr. Dre at the helm, Beats headphones always excelled in his preferred genre. Music with heavy bass thumped, much to the delight of rap and electronic music lovers,” Karis Hustad reports for The Christian Science Monitor. “Meanwhile, fans of more even-keeled classical, folk, and rock felt the beat often overshadowed the rest of the sound.”

“Now Dr. Dre and company is extending a headphone shaped olive branch to the rest of the music industry with the latest addition to its Beats line-up, the Solo². The Solo² provides more fair attention to different genres with less emphasis on bass,” Hustad reports. “It also pares down the heavy aesthetic of the headphone, offering lighter and more colorful options. This headphone release comes close on the heels of the announcement that Apple is purchasing Beats by Dre, indicating the popular headphone is looking to expand its customer base beyond the bassheads who have snapped up the devices thus far.”

“‘The Solo² headphone has a more dynamic, wider range of sound, with a clarity that will bring you closer to what the artist intended, whether you’re into hip-hop, heavy metal, jazz, electronic, or country,’ says Beats in a release,” Hustad reports. “Reviewers say this iteration of Beats’ Solo line of headphones lives up to the company’s hype and does make improvements on its previous sound… The look is also toned down from previous Beats models. Though slightly heavier than the previous Solo headphones, they are lighter and more portable (they fold up through hidden hinges) compared to many other comparable models. They also come in six different colors with headphone cables that match.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s influence seemingly already being felt.


    1. “Though slightly heavier than the previous Solo headphones, they are lighter and more portable (they fold up through hidden hinges) compared to many other comparable models” Meaning lighter than comparable models FROM OTHER COMPANIES. Keep working on that IQ buddy, one day you might actually get it into tripple digits…

    2. Read the damned article before spouting crap!
      They’re heavier than the original, cheaper Solo model, but lighter than the existing Solo HD ‘phones.
      Did you have as much trouble comprehending how to walk and chew gum at the same time?

    1. The point is they’re NOT rap headphones! Read the fucking article!
      Christ, is the American education system so fucked up that it’s producing so many people with such poor levels of comprehension?

  1. I was in a store recently and tried all the Beats then tried the Bose. Hands down my wife and I both preferred the Bose. It really wasn’t a contest. Yes, Bose cost more than most of the Beats but if you like your music worth the investment. I’ll stick with my 5+ year old Bose.

      1. not quite the same experience here, did lots of research and compared many, but still, my 5+ year old Bose have kept me from doing any further research or even ever hearing a pair of Beats, maybe this version will make the difference?

    1. I agree, but I doubt you’re in Beats’ demographic. Headphones are designed for different tastes, and everyone hears things slightly different or has different preferences in what portion of their music they wish to be prominent. That’s also why iPods come with equalizers.

    1. how far back does your crystal ball see?
      sorry, maybe i am ridiculous,

      discussions could have happened before iTunes was shown to the world

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