Is the new look of OS X 10.10 staring us right in the face?

“A few weeks ago I wrote about the new, flat look of OS X 10.10, and how it could be inferred from Xcode. But that was just a very small taste of what could be coming,” Lou Miranda blogs. “Lately, after getting a Windows PC and using iWork on iCloud, it suddenly dawned on my that the new look of OS X 10.10 is probably staring us all right in the face.”

“Initially, I thought iCloud apps were going to look more like their iPad brethren on iOS 7. The iWork apps, certainly, take a lot of inspiration from the iPad versions,” Miranda writes. “But the utility apps (Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Reminders, and Mail) certainly look more like OS X, with complex dialogs with Save and Cancel buttons in the lower right. Mail preferences, for example, on both iCloud and OS X look a lot alike in terms of their layout (tabs on the top, attributes in the middle, help button on the bottom)–but their look and feel (fonts, colors, graphics) are significantly different.”

Calendar preferences on OS X 10.9, left, and on iCloud Calendar, right.
Calendar preferences on OS X 10.9, left, and on iCloud Calendar, right.

Much more in the full article here.


    1. “Polly wants a cracker” “Polly wants a “Polly wants a “Polly wants a cracker” “Polly wants a cracker” “Polly wants a cracker”.
      That’s all that the likes of ‘Joe’ can do, repeat the same tired dirge over and over again.
      The thing is, they just do it because every other clueless drone does it; the parrot is a lot smarter, when it asks for the cracker, it’s because it wants the cracker.
      To call the likes of ‘Joe’ a bird brain would be insulting to birds.

    2. I have an first gen iPad with iOS5 that I fired up recently. Can’t tell you how much pre-iO7 looks helplessly .. As said earlier, form follows function. And yes, like in iOS7, they will offer a bolder font setting in the new OS X

  1. I’m torn on the direction of the UI. iOS7 has grown on me, but I still don’t think it’s fantastic.

    When I see iOS6 on someone’s device still, it looks nicer in some ways, yet feels old and I don’t want it. The best comparison I can make is seeing an older TV from the 80s that used be embedded in a giant piece of wood. All fancy looking, allowed you to put your pictures or whatever else on top of it. My great aunt used to have that kind of TV.

    Welcome to the age of “bleh” appearances. That said, EVERYTHING is better than the green felt and leather stitching.

    1. Lush beautiful green felt and solid golden hardwood: Gorgeous!

      And it NEVER gets old. The classics stand the test of time.

      Flat iOS 7 got old in a week. And that’s the fact, Jack. 😉

      1. Green felt and golden hardwood. You left out the smokey atmosphere and the clack of billiard balls.

        Vintage seventies, very good years but way in the past, you 8 ball wizard, you.

      2. 30s radios the glorious Superheterodyne now they were beautiful far superior to such product design post war. Not sure I want to use them now mind, except the quality of their sound anyway, can’t beat a valve but fragile and immobile to be practical. One has to move on.

    2. I’m with you.
      My old iPhone that I use as an iPod has iOS 6 and when I use it I feel relieved to be free of the tiny type and hard-to-see icons.
      But just turning off wifi is awkward and there are little improvements in iOS 7 that add up to a lot, but in the end it’s still two steps forward and three back.
      Now I have to look forward to all that on OS X.
      Pardon me if I don’t leap for joy.

    3. I liked the green felt and leather stitching! Now every program looks the same, every button looks the same, you can’t tell a button’s function by it’s shape, sometimes words are buttons and sometimes not. It is a huge step down in usability.

  2. I’m getting so tired of reading complaints about the look of Apple’s OS’s. I wish those who still feel compelled to whine would just buy a non-Apple device. It seems pretty obvious that no one really cares what their personal taste preferences are.

    1. Its ok for people to share their impressions of a new look in the comment thread for an article on that subject.

      Perhaps if you are tired of this topic, then don’t read comments in articles about this topic?

      1. You could drop all this bullshit if you would only buy an Android phone, preferably a Samsung gem.

        You could change the font and background colors daily and finally STFU.

    2. GFY.
      This is a free and open forum.
      *I’m* getting tired of twats like you whining that -shock- not everyone loves Hello Kitty design, mice type and 20% gray text.
      You know you can always NOT read the comments if they offend you so much.

  3. IOW: I should just move over to Linux and forget about OS X being the most advance operating system in the world.

    If this flat crap 10.10 turns out to be real, I’ll be switching to the ‘oust Tim’ camp. OMFG that’s so dull and old world.

    But I have hope. This is just some analcyst blethering away at us to fill up enough bandwidth to get his weekly paycheck.

      1. Exactly. The real world is full of shading and texture, which when used sparingly makes things easier to see and more attractive for our visual systems which was not designed for a flat 2D world.

        Everything looking the same disables another part of our mind. Our brains interprets variations in style, shape and color as an associative cue to context. Control vs. status vs. heading are places where visual cues help. Also just switching apps is mentally easier and people will be more motivated and interested in each task if each app looks different. This is not logical but it is how our brains work.

        By the logic of Ive we should probably go back to monochrome interfaces. Let’s hope he doesn’t get excited about that for X 11/iOS 8.

      2. Well said, DC. Completely agree 3D is the future.

        With all the cash and resources at Apple, hard to believe visual design is NOW a retreat to the past, instead of a step into the future.

        If enough voices join the chorus, maybe one day Apple will listen … fingers crossed.

    1. The iCloud pref panel for Calendar shown in the screenshot is a visual disaster.

      Thin fonts are hard enough to read on a non-Retina screen without it also being too light a gray.

      Everything is a flat tri-chrome (near-black, near-white, blue), even the selected tab is harder to make out now. Checkboxes, radio buttons and dropdown borders barely stand out against the white background. If you told a newbie to hit the Cancel or Save buttons they’d have to double-check with you because they’re no longer buttons (yes, it’s happened).

  4. Let’s not forget … ” Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” And ornament is a crime!!!
    Dieter Rams, Massimo Vignilli & Jony Ives were all right!
    Designers were trained to fight. To fight “Ugliness”.

    1. Quotes like that are supposed to be understood as relative, i.e. in this case reactive to too much complexity. They are not true in any absolute sense.

      I doubt any of these people live in a “simple” house with only a single color for walls, carpet and ceiling, with identical looking furniture everywhere.

      Too much simplicity becomes uninspiring very quickly.

    2. Design dictums such as “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” or Form follows function.” can be misapplied, such as applying them to the point of absurdity or applying them to the exclusion of other design principles. This leads to baffling amateurish designs instead of sophisticated design achievements. For example, if you simplify a design to the point of absurdity, then there is almost nothing remaining. This is not an innovative design, but nothingness. It is not the ultimate sophistication, but the failure to design. You have nihilism instead of design. This is where the Apple interfaces are going. Apple’s recent attempts to almost entirely eliminate the interface is misguided. The interface is needed and should be elegantly and beautifully designed. This is the same flaw the Steve Jobs committed when he “furnished” some of the rooms of his house with almost no furnishings. Furniture has a valid purpose and should be used to beautifully furnish your house. It should not be discarded so you can irrationally claim how beautifully furnished your empty house is.

  5. This idea has been bouncing around for a while. I think the web version of iCloud looks cool, but remember it’s not a multi-window interface. But from a design standpoint , yes of course, we expect the new OS X to take cues from iOS7. Once again, Windows is ahead of the curve here ( they’ve got the visual language across te board, but are massively confused about the UX part).

  6. if all the interface/graphic/etc. bashers have submitted their designs to Apple. I’m guessing not since if they had, Apple would have hired them immediately and we would be awash in the most beautiful, elegant thing we’ve ever seen.

    1. You seem to imply that any view but Apple’s cannot have any insight, or that Apple has never changed course because of customer reactions. Neither are true. The world is a better place for it.

      1. Not saying Apple is Utopia. It just seems it is easier for people to bash a person’s/company’s idea on forums, etc. rather than walk a mile in their shoes. In this case, it seems Apple’s taste for their “look” doesn’t appeal to someone else’s ideas and that’s okay. It’s Apple’s baby. But enough of this. It’s really not that important.

  7. Wow I guess I must be blind or something because I have no issues navigating iCloud apps. I can see check boxes and drop down lists just fine. The words save and cancel don’t need boxes around them for me to know I can click them. I’m excited about this because I think it signals retina screens are coming to all Macs. That should have people excited.

    1. The graphic of the iCloud prefs pane is cleaner looking, with more pleasant fonts when compared to the current OS X pref pane. Isn’t that the whole point of an operating system? To perform functions and not get in the way?

      (I don’t necessarily require 3D buttons, unless the buttons are holographic and touch YOU.)

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