PC Magazine reviews Apple’s 11-inch MacBook Air: The ultimate in portability; a great travel companion

“The Apple MacBook Air 11-inch ($1,099 as tested) is an ultraportable laptop in the purest sense of the term,” Joel Santo Domingo writes for PC Magazine. “It is very compact, has all-day battery life, and is very easy to drop into a travel bag, whether your commute is one hour or eight. The MacBook Air 11-inch has few rivals among the Windows 8-equipped ultrabooks. Its bigger counterpart, the Editors’-Choice-winning Apple MacBook Air 13-Inch (2014), is still a better bet because of its larger screen, much better battery life, and better ergonomics (for relatively the same price). But if you’re willing to give up a few common features in return for ultimate portability, the MacBook Air 11-inch is a great choice as your everyday traveling companion.”

Santo Domingo writes, “If you constantly work untethered in varied locations or have a well-worn platinum airline frequent flier card in your wallet, however, the 11-inch MacBook Air makes a great travel companion.”

Much more in the full review here.

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  1. I remember when PC Magazine didn’t even consider Macs worthy of reviews. Much alone praises. I for one am happy that PC Mag finally recognizes Apple products and rates them accordingly and fairly. MacBook Air is one of those designs that are near perfect for what its built for. So good that all the competition are hard at work copying it.

    Hard to see what Apple can do to bring it up a notch where cloners will start all over again and struggle to quickly copy it.

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