Google hires former Old Navy, Gap marketing VP as head ‘Glass’ division

“Google’s Glass division may be losing its lead engineer, but the company announced today that it had hired former Gap and Old Navy marketing chief Ivy Ross to head up the division. Ross will start her new position on May 19th,” Mike Beasley reports for 9to5Google.

“Aside from Gap and Old Navy, Ross has also served as Chief Creative Officer for The Disney Store, headed up worldwide product design at Mattel, and, worked as Vice President of Design and Development for Outlook Eyewear at Bausch & Lomb,” Beasley reports. “That last position is perhaps the most relevant to her selection as the new head of Glass.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Ivy, Queen of Glassholes.


  1. …Former Gap and Old Navy marketing chief Ivy Ross… the new head of Glass.

    AKA: Marketing-As-Management. Anyone who knows me knows I’m cynically LMAO right now. Smooth move Goggle. This is going to be highly amusing. 😆

  2. Google is probably going to make a teen or kid version of the glassholes so it’ll gain social acceptance over time…it seems like most adults find them offensive.

    Not sure what else they could do with the stupid things.

    If they were smart they’d build a decent OS with a pro series of computers to see if professionals would use them in the workplace, but that’s getting too far from their advertising core.

  3. The press likes to make people believe this glasshole thingy can do stuff that smartphones today can do. The public I hope are smarter than that.

  4. Google is trying to do what Apple has already done. Apple brought someone from a very prestigious fashion house Burberry who is extremely smart and seasoned to do the job, but hell.. Google brings someone from lower down the food chain and think Ivy’s extensive history in cheap retail will make her attractive to Google to the point where Google says ” Hey Apple! Look what we just did?!” Right on!

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