9 possible endgames for the Apple-Beats deal

“As we wait for the final outcome of the Beats-Apple situation, we might as well prepare ourselves for the best, the worst, and everything in between,” Ben Taylor writes for TIME Magazine. “Here are 9 potential endgames for the supposedly looming Apple-Beats acquisition, ordered roughly from ‘likely’ to ‘totally implausible.'”

1. Apple buys Beats, releases brand new streaming music service
2. Apple buys Beats, refreshes headphones line
3. Apple doesn’t buy Beats, everyone feels stupid
4. Apple buys Beats, realizes headphones have become a commodity market
5. Amazon swoops in, buys Beats
6. Apple buys Beats, kills Beats
7. Apple walks away from Beats deal, buys Skullcandy instead
8. Dr. Dre becomes new “Voice of Siri”
9. Apple buys Beats, Dr. Dre becomes Apple CEO

Each of the nine items above explained in the full article here.

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  1. This is all rather sad or very odd. Nearly a year ago Tim said look out for new things in the pipeline throughout the year. The Apple pipeline has been only coughing up dust since then.

    This beats story sounds as if Apple reached into petty cash to buy something to take people’s minds that Apple seems to be announcing vapor or phantom wear.

    1. What would Apple do with Crown, DBX, JBL, AKG, Soundcraft, and other pro audio lines? Talk about a bad fit?

      Oh, did you think the Harmon Group made headphones?

  2. Apple buys Beats, refines streaming and headphones biz, introduces entirely new platform for signing, recording and promoting artists via the expertise of Iovine and Dre… a new kind of record label brought to you by Apple/Beats.

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