Morgan Stanley: Apple may gain U.S. market share with larger-screen iPhone

“Morgan Stanley hardware analyst Katy Huberty today offers up thoughts on the market for smartphones in China, where she thinks shipments will turn up lower than investors expect, given lower subsidies,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s. “Apple may benefit from the larger phone, if true, by gaining some U.S. share.”

The April survey indicated that Apple could gain 11 points of share with a larger-screen iPhone. In addition, iPhone’s refresh cycle could shorten and boost shipments in the next product cycle as iPhone buyers plan to buy/upgrade sooner than we previously thought and an increasing portion of postpaid subscribers in the US have already switched to installment plans, or plan to do so. This would allow them to upgrade earlier than the historical two-year contracts. — Morgan Stanley hardware analyst Katy Huberty

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  1. Tiernan Ray from Morgan Stanley may grow the rest of his brain and start reporting insightful news based on facts.

    Butt it’s highly unlikely.

    Tomorrow’s weather, sun rises in the east, except the polls.

    Newsflush, how possible is it that Tiernan Ray’s mother may have wished to be a nullipara?

      1. Absolutely, and of course I’m glad you got it. One time here I was doing a satire on one of the many apple is doomed writers and came up with a product that slices and dices..

        “butt weight” I said, “there’s more.”

        Well someone did not get it and did some silly attack on me, which kinda helped prove to me that there is a market for these analysts. Go figure.

  2. All of these ‘analysts’ saying Apple should get a bigger phone… Only two things are needed to make that happen:

    a) iPad mini with wifi / cellular capabilities.

    b) Bluetooth headset.

    Done & done.

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