Why Apple should love Netflix

“Some may wonder why Apple, never famous for supporting anyone else, allow Netflix, a kind of rival to iTunes, onto their Apple TV box,” Brian Clegg writes for Now Appearing. “It might not be true, but my suspicion is that Apple is entirely aware of what you might call the Season 1 effect – and how it can positively influence their balance sheets.

“Netflix is a great place to consume a TV series voraciously,” Clegg writes. “But the service quite often doesn’t have the most recent series of a programme… In both cases we’ve cruised through season 1 on Netflix, and know that season 2 is out there – but it has already fallen off the BBC’s very short iPlayer timescale. So we’ve ended up buying the second season on iTunes so we can keep feeding the habit.”

Clegg writes, “I’m sure we can’t be alone.”

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    1. For the longest time, they didn’t even have the christmas show of Call the Midwife. Netflix was good but has become woefully inadequate when it comes to TV series and even movies.

  1. You are not alone… season 3 of Archer was like this… or was it 2… anyone the next season was on FX and the 1st on netflix and missing in-between which i bought on iTunes

  2. What?! Apple thinking about how consumers operate to decide on their model rather than rely on the typical suits-in-a-room-whose-model-turns-off-consumers-and-makes-them-want-to-pirate? Shocking. Seriously. Netflix is a bright, shining, empirical example of what consumers will flock to if given the chance. If any studio had a clue, they would exactly copy it with only their own content, cut out the middle man (Netflix, Amazon, etc) and significantly diminish the power of iTunes for video. They don’t because they are stuck in a paradigm where DVDs rule and the secret to making more profit is simply to change more – they go up linearly!!!! Jackwagons.

      1. I agree. I consider Ultraviolet to be worthless. I have never signed up for my “free” online copies because I don’t want to tie in to yet another database.

        This is a subtle, but significant strength of the iTunes ecosystem – one account provides ready access to apps, TV shows, movies, music, podcasts, etc. Not only that, but I can easily access that content on multiple devices. Sold.

  3. Not to mention the fact that for possibly millions of people, Netflix was the reason they bought an Apple TV in the first place (before smart TVs, Rokus, and every other set-top device that can carry it). If Apple came out with an up-to-date on-demand streaming service (and yes, I know it’s the content and service providers that are holding Apple back), they’d own the world.

    But the current Apple TV model is only distinguished by the iTunes connection and relatively easy access to a Mac-user’s media. Its now lagging in some other respects (remote functionality, interface, price).

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