Apple has its own JavaScript accelerator in the works called ‘FTLJIT’

“Mention JavaScript engines at this point, and the big name that comes to mind is Google’s V8, the engine that powers not only Google Chrome but Node.js as well,” Serdar Yegulalp reports for InfoWorld. “Firefox’s SpiderMonkey also gets mention for its implementation of asm.js that can make JavaScript run nearly as fast as native code.”

“Apple, too, has a JavaScript engine — JavaScriptCore (aka ‘Nitro’) for WebKit — and its most recent set of changes give it a performance boost to rival its industry comrades,” Yegulalp reports. “These upgrades, codenamed ‘FTLJIT,’ use the LLVM compiler as the JIT (just-in-time) compilation system. LLVM is a compiler technology nominally used for C/C++ compilation, but it’s not tied exclusively to that language, and so compilers for most any language can be developed with it. LLVM was used by the latest incarnation of Emscripten to boost performance of the asm.js subset of JavaScript, developed by Mozilla to run at speeds near that of native C code.”

Yegulalp reports, “FTLJIT is still considered experimental, so although it’s being made available in the OS X port of WebKit by default, it’s not actually turned on yet — it has to be enabled through command-line flags.”

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  1. Wait! Google has upped the anti.

    Google has its own JavaScript in Beta called WeScrewedUpAgain or WSUA for short.

    Not only that, it will be in Beta for years so don’t worry about WSUA disappearing any time soon.

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